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Friday, June 15, 2012

Scott's Flat Lake Campground, and Nevada City, CA.

                                   Tuesday 5/22/2012

Diane is getting so far behind in all her projects and interests and with all the sightseeing that she asked me to write this blog.  We took a short drive over to see the State Park at Scotts Flat Lake, while in Nevada City, CA. area. The park ranger let us drive around for free.
View of the lake from the boat launch area. The lake is long but not too wide. Summer rates at the campground range from $25 to $35 depending on sites and hook ups.

Another view as I walked out on the dock.
A close up view of the many boats moored in this quiet harbor. Scott's Flat Lake  Reservoir is 6.5 miles east of Nevada City. It has 7.5 miles of shoreline and has a surface area of 850 acres. it sits at 3,100 feet elevation and is in the Tahoe National Forest in Nevada County.
We drove into the town of Nevada City. It has a lot of older well maintained homes and shops. In it's day it was a gold mining town and had a population of 10,000. Today it is a cute tourist town with 3,000 people. The entire downtown with it  93 buildings all listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Nevada City was named Nevada in 1850, Spanish for "snow covered". The towns name was later changed to Nevada City after a new state to the east borrowed it's name. Nevada City along next to Deer Creek.
Lots of white picket fences and beautiful gates and flowers.
Early reports told of miners pulling a pound of gold a day from Deer Creek.
We were impressed with how well these homes have been cared for.
Too bad they don't have old cars or horse and buggy's out front.
Nice old wrought iron fence and gate.
Really nice stain glass and ornate gate.
This is one of two old firehouses in the town. This one was built in 1861 and was one of Nevada Cities first volunteer fire company.
This is The Nevada Theater. Built in 1865.
There are many shops to explore and Diane enjoyed herself.
More shopping.

A rustic looking place.
This is the National Hotel. It is the state's oldest continuously operating hotel consisting of four buildings built in 1854.
Nice piece above this door.
Another view from across the street.
The hotel finally ends at the corner.
Did I mention the shopping.
Some nice homes in the downtown area.
This is the other firehouse in the town. They claim it is the most photographed building in Gold Country. It was built in 1861 and now is a museum.
The old assayer's office.

This is one of the oldest buildings in the town. 

Old belt driven rock crusher.
This is a giant water wheel. If you look close you can see how I am starting to wear down with all the shopping.
Giant mining core sample. Check out Malley who enjoyed her ride around town.
This strange looking bus had New York plates on it and the young couple who came out of it looked like something out of a hippie commune. Long way from  home.
And here is the happy shopper, bags in hand and ready for more.

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