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Friday, June 22, 2012

Winters, CA./ Steady Eddy's Coffee House & Juice Bar

Saturday/Sunday 6/1- 6/2/2012

While we were at Canyon Creek Resort we had absolutely no phone or internet service. We could get phone service about 3 miles east of the campground, but we needed to drive the nine miles to Winters,CA. to get a strong enough internet connection to upload pictures for a blog. We were having temps in the high eighties/low nineties. One day we parked in a park in the shade, and ended up turning the car on to have air because it was so dang  hot. The next day, we went to Steady Eddy's Coffee & Juice Bar, because we spent $6 in gas the day before trying to stay cool. Joe decided I might as well spend $5 for a ice coffee  than spend $6 on gas.

When we first got there, the front porch was full of customers. We didn't know why anyone would want to sit outside, as hot as it was that day. Steady Eddy's closed at 3PM that day so we got kicked out before we were done.

There was no breeze on the front porch,

but we found a lovely breeze on the side porch. I finished my internet business, and left Joe on the side porch to check out a shop down the block.

Winters, CA. is a very clean and neat little town with a population of 6,624.

On this corner of this street in the down town area was a cafe with a stone pizza oven out front.

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