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Monday, October 8, 2012

Ferry Trip to Pot Latch RV Resort in LaConner, WA

Wednesday 9/12/2012

We took our Nest across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to get to our next destination.

We left Sequim, WA and drove to Port Townsend, where the ferry was located.

Our ferry took us across the strait to Whidbey Island.

This is a view of the homes and the Bell Tower we visited the day before in PortTownsend, before we boarded the ferry.

This is a view across Puget Sound toward the mainland of Washington State. The mountains in the picture are the Cascade Mountains.

It was time to drive our Nest onto the ferry.

This was our 4th RV drive on ferry ride since we started our Big Adventure, but the first time Nest 2 had been on a ferry.

Joe felt the lanes were very tight driving onto the ferry.

We got a waterfront view parking on the ferry. Our fare was $82 to go across the strait from Port Townsend to Whidbey Island.

We could barely open the door and steps, withoutt hitting the RV next to us, to get out.

A semi-truck was on the other side.

Since we had a front row seat for views, we stayed in the Nests for the ferry ride to Whidbey Island. On Whidbey Island, next to the ferry terminal, a RV park was located. A good place to stay the night before you take the ferry over to the Olympic Peninsula.

Our GPS had us turn the wrong way, so we were heading west on the island. GPS's are not perfect and make mistakes occasionally. I really should look ahead to see if the GPS matches up with the map, but sometimes it is hard to tell if it is making the right turns when you don't know the road names.

On the island before we got back on track, we come head on with a farm machine. Luckily he moved over onto the grass.

Back on track, part of the drive is along the east shore of the island.

On our drive, we see this plane, and Joe made a comment that a air force base must be around there. Just as he said that, a jet flew over our head.

Then another jet flew over our head again. Then another , and another. Definitely a base somewhere in the area.

We came to Deception Pass, and crossed this very narrow bridge.

It was a bit creepy on the Nest on this high narrow bridge.

At one point Joe met another motorhome, half way across the bridge. He almost stopped in his tracks, because it seemed so narrow.

We got to the end of the island and turned west in the town of Anacortes, WA.

Mount Baker is visible as we head east toward the mainland of Washington.

To get off the island we take a bridge.

The bridge cross a river to the mainland.

After another 15 minutes we arrive in La Conner, WA at Pot Lach RV Resort.

The resort is fairly small but really nice.

It has a indoor pool and two jacuzzi's.

Every spring the Skagit Valley has field of tulips and their annual Tulip Festival.

The La Conner Marina is directly across from the Pot Latch RV Resort.

It is a huge marina.

The marina stretches for blocks from down toward the town of La Conner.

Parking is not allowed in the RV Park, so we had to park our car on the street next to the park.

This is a map that shows where La Conner is located  from Seattle.

This is a close up of the previous map to show our route from Port Towsend, to Whidbey Island through the town of Oak Harbor and then on to La Conner.

We stayed at Pot Latch RV Resort for one week free with our ROD membership. We leave tomorrow for Coeur D Alene, Idaho for three days.

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