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Monday, October 15, 2012

Pier Four, Sunrise Resorts, Moses Lake, Washington

Monday 9/24/2012

After a week in Easton, WA, we continued east on I-90.

As you can see the haze from the forest fires were still thick in the atmosphere.

After about 40 miles our forest and mountains became a more dessert like landscape.The farmland was irrigated with water sprinklers.

Across from the crops were scrub brush.

At a high spot we came to wind turbine's.

About 40 miles east of Ellensburg, we had a deep descent.
It is hard to see in this picture because of the smoke haze, but the Columbia River is at the base of the descent.

The town of Vantage was located next to the Columbia River.

Then we had to climb out of the Columbia River Gorge.

At the top of the gorge were some kind of statues.

The 1" thick steel sculptures is called , " Grandfather Cut Loose the Ponies". The sculptures were put on the bluff for Washington State's Centennial Celebration in 1989.

More green in the dessert. The sprinkler system can be barely seen in the distance.

We arrive just outside of Moses Lake and the fire haze was still thick.
Just off I-90 was our next neighborhood.

Office to check in at Pier Four Resort.

Moses Lake sits at 1129 ft above sea level. Easton was at 2169 ft., so we came down about 1000 feet.

The site that we were given was a pull through.

The sites are paved and have grass between the sites. Paving helps on less dirt/gravel being dragged into our home, and grass is great for a doggie bathroom.

This building holds the shower rooms, laundry room and the club house.

I took this picture, because I wanted it to remind me how blessed I am to have my own shower. The shower rooms have timers on the lights. You get 15 minutes to get showered and dress before the lights go out. I'd be in the dark for sure!

The laundry rooms were very clean and was very well equiped with everything you need to do laundry.

The club house had a pool table, TV, and shuffle board game. ( I think that is what it is called).

The park sits on Moses Lake. There was a dock and boat launch in the resort.

The pool was closed for the season.

There was a walkway from the resort over I-90 to a city park.

Above view of I-90 from walkway.

City park that we got to by crossing the walkway over the interstate.

Moses Lake with the town of Moses Lake in the distance. We stayed free at Pier Four Resort in Moses Lake for a week with our ROD membership.

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