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Come join Joe, Mallery & I, as we travel around the USA in our RVery Best Nest. God's Favor has been chasing us down, and we are enjoying all of His blessing's, that He has created for all to enjoy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

La Conner, WA

Thursday 9/13/2012

The day after we arrived in La Conner, WA, we decided to walk to the downtown area. There Joe goes again pushing Mallery in her pink stroller. He got razed the last time I took a picture of him in front of the stroller. That day was hot, and Mallery wilts in the sun, so she needed to be pushed. I take most of the pictures, because Joe stinks as a photographer.

Somebody went through a lot of work to cut out these flower cut outs in the white picket fence!

This home was along our walk to town.This is the B L Martin home that was built in 1893. ( A plaque on the porch gave me this information).

Our walk to town was about 3 blocks. This home had been turned into a shop on the main street up town.

This shop had what looked to be, lace curtains.

The fence in front of the shop was made with shovels, rakes, saws and other tools.

It had a wind mill made of kitchen stuff like cups, and meat loaf pans.

The shop's name was the Bunnies By The Bay's Hutch.

This sign was out front of the shop. It said, "A shop of uncommon objects and creative ideas".

This was a shop that I really liked. It shared a deck with the, "Seeds, A Bistro and Bar".

The shop is called, "Re- Feather Your Nest". It had a lot of neat stuff and signs. I found a sign that said, "Welcome to Our Nest". I would have bought it, but it cost $60. Too pricey for a LaFontaine. Joe said I could make my own sign for much cheaper.

Between some shops, someone had planted a row of sunflowers.

Joe spotted this boathouse that you can rent that sits above the downtown.

We though the downtown was very small, until we walked to the end of the street and found there was 3 times more shops perpendicular to the street we were on. Joe frowned, when he saw more shops!

I almost didn't walk to the end of the street. Good thing I did, because I would have missed all of these shops! Joe's frown, was my smile!

The La Conner downtown backs up to the Swinomish Channel. The channel connect the Padilla Bay to the Skagit Bay. The bridge down the channel is called the Rainbow Bridge and connects the mainland of Washington to Fidalgo Island.

La Conner downtown area is on the National Register of Historic Places. La Conner has a population of 891.

Joe checking out prices at a bar and grill.

Meanwhile I was enjoying a shop that had local art. This was so cool. The artist made windows with cut antique colored glass. There were three different windows ( for sale) in different colors.

After shopping we walked along the  Swinomish Channel.

After several hours on our feet walking around La Conner we head back home. Even though our home was only 3 blocks from downtown, we wished we had drove uptown in the car. Our feet were sore from being on them so long, and it was a hot day.

Our 3 blocks takes us past a school and Mount Baker in the distance.

Then we walked along the 2 blocks of  La Conner Marina.

Back at home we walk past the Indian carving at Pot Latch RV Resort. Pot Latch is a Northwest native Indian gift giving festival celebrated for births, deaths, wedding, and other events.


  1. Do you remember seeing a lace shop in LaConner? I have always wished I'd bought more than one table runner. Would love to find it online. Marsha

    1. Marsha, Sorry but I don't remember seeing a lace shop while in Conner.