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Saturday, October 13, 2012

San Juan Islands, WA

Sunday 9/16/2012

Before we left La Conner, WA we wanted to take a ferry to the San Juan Islands. We had to drive back to Anacortes to catch the ferry.

It cost $10 for 24 hours in the parking lot at the ferry. Joe saw a sign up the street for $5.00 for all day parking. Of course we parked there.

While Joe went to get our tickets, I took pictures of Ship Harbor in Anacortes

Joe yelled at me that it was time to go and board the ferry, so we took the ramp to the ship.

Our ferry's name was ELWHA

The ramp to the ferry.

This picture shows the areas where we spent August and September, and Anacortes and the San Juan Islands.

As we cruise the waters, I got a picture of another ferry returning to Anacortes.

There are 172 islands in the San Juan Island with 300 miles of shoreline.

There are only 4 islands that are destination from the ferry.

Dogs are allowed on the ferry, but we left Mallery home for this trip.

It was pretty cold if you stood out front on the ferry. We stayed behind the windows to enjoy the views without the cold breeze.

Views of Mount Baker between the islands.

Shot of me as Mount Baker disappears.

It was a much nicer ride at the back of the boat.

Our ferry made one stop to San Juan Island.

We were dropped off at Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.

The ferry ride was an hour of cruising.

We walked around the town looking for a place to eat, as it was 1:30.
I picked the Market Chef.
I ordered Pat's Special, and Joe had turley with horseradish mustard.

The restaurant had tables outside, so I could have brought Mallery. I left her because we couldn't eat where we wanted to eat at, on our trip to Victoria, Vancouver

I also order the soup for the day. Both sandwich and soup were delicious, and I would recommend this restaurant.

I also order a homemade oatmeal raisin cookie for dessert.

After walking around the town area it was time to head back home.

There are different ferries that go to different islands. We were told by fellow traveler that Friday Harbor was the best stop.

If I had it to do over, I would have taken the car, and drove around the island. There were several interesting things to see if you had a car. We left Friday Harbor on the 3:45 ferry, but if we had brought the car, we could have taken the later ferry at 6:30.

Homes on one of the other islands.

The ferry ride cost us $10 each round trip.

Fidalgo Island ahead.

Almost back to Anacortes.

Our ride back was on the Yakima Ferry.

We are currently at Livingston, Montana at the Yellowstone Truck Stop. We leave tomorrow for Sheridan Wyoming, being our next night stop on our way back to Iowa.

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