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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mt. Vernon, WA

Saturday 9/15/2012

Saturday morning in La Conner, WA, we drove a few miles SE to the town of Mt. Vernon.

We needed our weekly veggies, and Mt Vernon was about 10 miles away, and having a farmers market.

Fairly small farmers market, but it had several local vegetable stands, which is all we were looking for anyway.
After shopping for our vegetables, I decided to try some Swedish pancakes.
Joe decided to pass, because the pancakes were not served with syrup.

The pancakes are served with a loganberry butter and powderedr sugar. They were really good, but the pancakes needed to have two pats of butter served with them.

The Winterlings serenaded me while I enjoyed breakfast.

Before we left Mt. Vernon we stopped at their Co-op Grocery Store. The tulip stack in Mt. Vernon is for their annual Tulip Festival that is held every spring in Skagit Valley.

On the way home we saw a signs for a Salmon Festival. We decided to stop and check it out.

The festival had booth that had information or games to promote green and sustainable living to protect the streams for salmon sustainability.

This game was so funny. They had fake dog poop, and the game was for children to learn how to pick up the poop with doggie bags and then throw them into the garbage.
Here the little boy is throwing his bagged poop into the garbage for a prize!

This was the first Annual Skagit River Salmon Festival and the entry fee was free.

There were four booths with food for sale. We decided to try Bob's chowder from Bob's Chowder Bar and BBQ Salmon. The chowder was OK, but it is hard to compete with all the chowders we have had on our travels.

The festival also had some arts and crafts booths. This booth was selling yarn made from her alpacas.

The festival had plates of grilled salmon, potato salad, and a roll for sale. As we left, Joe bought a plate and we shared it. The serving were very large, so we were glad we shared it. The potato salad was awesome as well as the salmon. We were glad we ran into the festival on our way home.

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