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Monday, October 29, 2012

Tubbs Hill, Coeur d' Alene, ID

                               Thursday 10/10/2012

After our cruise on Lake Coeur d' Alene, we went home for lunch and then drove back to  the downtown with Mallery. Mallery was not welcome on the cruise, but she was welcome at Tubbs Hill.

Mudgy and Millie were at the trail head of Tubb's Hill.

We wanted to walk the center trail of Tubbs Hill to the highest elevation and get the best views. We started on the trail, but it got very narrow, and had several splits. The trail was unclear, and looked like people had made their own trails. We decided to stick with the main trail around Tubbs Hill.

View of Coeurd' Alene Resort from Tubbs Hill.

Joe standing on one of the cliffs above the lake.

The main Tubbs Hill trail skirts the outside of the hill in a loop.

There are clear markings keeping you on the right track of the main trail.

Beautiful views of the lake on the west side.

This view shows the only island on the lake.

#13 is the halfway point.

The last view to the west as the trail turned northeast.

It was a beautiful day for some good exercise.

The east side of Tubbs Hill gives you a view of homes along the lakes east shores.

The trail took us across a swinging bridge. I had to carry Mallery across it, because she would have nothing to do with it.

How do you like Joe's new shirt. Our friend Lynn that we ran into at Lake Moses, gave Joe this shirt. Her husband Doug, lost so much weight and was too big for him now. It was like a brand new shirt.

There are two entrances onto the trail. Be sure to know which entrance you start at, so you know which direction to go at this point.

We reached a high elevation on the east side, with views inland. The last1/2 mile was down hill and my left knee was causing me a lot of pain. I told Joe he was going to have to slow the pace so I could soften the pounding on my knee. Joe had been keeping a fast pace, so we would get back to the parking lot before the 2 free hour parking was up.

We got back to the parking lot before the two hours were up. Joe saved us a few dollars.

After getting to our car, I had Joe drive to the downtown area, a few blocks away.

We never had time to stroll the quaint shopping area. Coeur d' Alene has done a superb job at making the downtown and surrounding area neat, clean and a small hometown feel.

I took this picture of the mural that is on a downtown building wall, before we headed home.

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