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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Exploring west Side Of Keweenaw Bay To Houghton, MI.

                                         Monday 8/12/2013

Just a few miles NW of our campground, we saw this campground, so we decided to check it out.

It is a American Indian owned campground. For Non Tribal persons it cost $20 a day for a water front site.

This map shows the campground areas.

The sign out front said the sites were full hook ups, but we didn't see any RV with sewer hoses out, so not sure what the deal was. The sites do have great water views though.

There was also a Pow Wow campground area. Joe said with all these trees a satellite signal would be impossible to get.

The temperature dropped this day to 68 degrees with clouds. First time we have had jeans on in a long time!

We continued up Hwy 41 and saw the sign for a Finland homestead. It is off Hwy. 41 6 miles,
and then down a gravel road through a deep forest.

The outbuildings are carefully crafted Scandinavian log construction. 

The homestead was established in 1920 after a miner named Herman Hanka, was disabled from a mine blast. He and his wife and 4 adult children ran the self sufficient 18 acre homestead.

One of the son's lived on the homestead until his death in 1966. The property has been preserved from then on. The homestead is closed on Monday, but because someone was roofing a building, the gate was open.

We got back to Hwy 41 and continued north.
"Oh great a outhouses just past us! Slow down Joe, I don't want one of those things falling off and we end up covered in you know what."
We arrive in Houghton, which is where we were moving our Nest the next day.

We crossed the bridge
to the City of Hancock..
In Handcock we found a waterfront park.

From the park I got a good picture of the bridge between the two cities.

View of some homes along the water, up from the park.

View of Houghton, MI across the lake.

Then we crossed back over the bridge and found a pullout spot for this picture of the City of Hancock. Before we headed back to our Nest, we located the resort we had reservations for the next day. We were glad we found it, because there was a quick lane change we might have missed otherwise the next day.

We headed back south on Hwy 41 toward our campground in Baraga. We made one last stop to the Sturgeon Sloughs Marsh.

At the marsh there is a tower for wildlife viewing.

Unfortunately we didn't see any wildlife that day. This would be a good place to see a moose though. We read to look for them in marshes, and around water.

The only wildlife I saw was this bubble bee.

Views of Keweenaw Bay as we continue our drive back to Baraga. There really wasn't much to see along Hwy. 41 to Houghton, except for a few nice views of the bay. Joe wanted to spend the day getting some exercise doing some trails and seeing falls in the area, but I don't enjoy trails in deep woods where black bears reside. If we were with another couple I wouldn't have a problem with it, but fall is in the air and the bears are eating whatever in preparing for the very cold and long winter coming soon, and I don't want to be on their menu!

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