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Monday, September 16, 2013

Charlevoix, Boyne City, & Waloon Lake Village, MI.

                     Thursday 9/5/2013

On our third day in Petoskey, we took a drive south to the town of Charlevoix. Charlevoix was having their farmers market from 9-1, so we managed to pick up a few things before it closed. It is a very good farmers market and is held year round, but moves to the library during the winter.

The farmers market is located in the downtown area in the park next to the marina.

After the farmers market closed we walked around the downtown and then along the water.
More mega bucks boats for Joe to drool over.

The town sits on Lake Charlevoix of course! Lake Charlevoix is the 3rd largest lake in the state at 17,200 acres. The maximum depth is 122 feet.

A view of some of the homes on Lake Charlevoix near the downtown.

As we walked back to our car, which was parked on the main road, we notice the channel where Lake Charlevoix flows out to Lake Michigan. Charlevoix Pier Light sits at the end of the channel.

The bridge lights and alarms let us know that the bridge was going to lift, so we got off it and watched it lift up.

The catamaran was going under the bridge loaded with passengers. Joe checked out the price for the sail boat ride and it was really reasonable at $35 for a 2 1/2 ride.

This sign was located on the channel as boats came in from Lake Michigan. Charlevoix has a population of 2,513.
We got back to our car and started to drive around the lake. Along the lake shore road I spied this home. Joe likes the boats, and I like the homes!

At the southwestern section of the lake we stopped at a park to check out the water quality. Several rivers flow into this lake, so I thought the water wouldn't be as clear, but it was clear like all others we have seen in Michigan. At first when we saw this line of color change in the water, Joe thought it was because sand had been placed in the water, because it was a city beach. We later found out that the line indicated water depth difference. There must me a sharp drop off at the line.

We missed our turn, and drove to the town of East Jordon before we realized we had gone too far. We turned around and found our turn, and realized why we missed our turn. The road was a short road that led to the " Landings" ferry crossing in Ironton.

Here I point on the map where the ferry is. I though there was a bridge, and that is why I missed it. (You can also see Walloon Lake on the map, which we visited later that day)

The ferry cost us $3.50 to cross over to the other side.

The ferry is a four car cable ferry, that crosses a narrow point of the South Arm of Lake Charlevoix. The ride lasted about 3 minutes max!

On the other side of the ferry is Boyne City, MI.
Views as we entered into Boyne City.
Boyne City has a population of 3,735 people.

Across the street from the marina there are some nice homes.

This one was one of the smaller homes, but decorated so cute!

Instead of traveling north up the east side of Lake Charlevoix, we drove north east to the Walloon Lake Village.

Earnest Hemingway spent his childhood years on this lake.

This is a map of the shape of Walloon Lake.

Walloon Lake was formed by glaciers and is spring fed with a maximum depth of 100 feet and is 4,270 acres.

Joe and I think we have found our lake! Now when I win the lottery we can afford to buy a lakefront home.
The lake has all kinds of fish for Joe to catch for dinner also.

We approached Petoskey from the south, and got this fabulous view of Little Traverse Bay as we crest a hill. You can also see the hospital at the end of the road. The campground we stayed at, is located behind the hospital.

When I was loading my pictures for this blog, I found this picture. This is a picture of some mushrooms Joe purchased at the Charlevoix Farmers Market that we had gone to that day. They are called Lobster mushrooms. Joe cooked them in butter. He wasn't impressed with the taste, but I thought they were yummy.

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