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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Indigo Bluffs Resort, Empire, MI.

                Saturday 9/14/2013

After 6 days camped 7 miles north of Traverse City, it was time to move on. Good Bye Grand Traverse Bay!
We took Hwy 72 going west from Traverse City.

Our drive was a long and weary 23 miles long!

We pick this backyard because of Location, Location, Location, and also because of off season rates.

Joe found this place, and we would never stay here normally during prime season because it cost $60 a day. Joe checks in, and I wonder around with Mallery. If you are a regular follower, you know the drill!

Next to the office is the pool with a seated area in the shade for those who want to avoid wrinkles.

Nice pool, but I would think it would be much larger at $60 a day.

We got a remote to open the gate. Now this is a first. Never have we been given a remote to open a gate. We were living it up at Indigo Bluffs Resorts.

We have a guide to our site, but we still had to use our remote to open the gate.

We got lucky # 7 lot. The site is paved with pavers instead of cement. The only other time we stayed in a site with fancy pansy pavers was when we stayed in St Lucie, Florida, when we purchased our present day Dutch Star. The previous owner, owned a site at the Outdoor Resorts Of America.They let us stay on their site for 2 weeks while we moved our stuff from the old Southwind to the Dutch Star. Now that was a fancy pansy place!
We had a pond with a waterfalls behind our site.
Between the sites, the lots had wild flower, which attracted tons of birds.

About 10 of the sites have been sold for from $60,000 to $100,000, depending on the lot site. All the sold sites had these little sheds on them with what looked like  roll up windows, that maybe was for cocktail hour.

On the other side of the pond, was a very nice seating area, probably for 5 O Clock Happy Hour.

Most of the resort was empty, except for about 8 or 10 motor homes. We were in a  Class A only part of the resort. There is another part of the resort for other RV's. Joe chose the class A section, because the other section was heavily treed, which means no TV. We don't do the no TV sites if at all possible.

I found these pictures of birds, so Joe must have been birding behind my back again.

I think maybe these are American Goldfinch or maybe a warbler of some kind. Hard to tell since Joe didn't get the zoom out and get a closer shot.

We paid $40 a night at this park, but only stayed for 4 nights. It was a very nice resort, and it's location was very great.

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