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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Everflowing Waters Campground, Williamsburg, MI.

 Sunday 9/8/2013

We spent 5 days at Magnus RV Park in Petoskey instead of the 3 days originally planned. As we packed up to leave, Joe and I felt sad, because we really enjoyed our stay here.
One last view across Little Traverse Bay with my zoom lens toward Harbor Springs.
I think we will be back soon!
We took Hwy 31 south and saw the Little Traverse Wheelway every once in a while along the highway.

We past through Charlevoix city center.

Charlevoix has flowers lining both sides of Hwy. 31 through the city. I love the way the little towns in Michigan brighten and cheer up their cities with lots of flowers!

Our drive was short and sweet at 60 miles, so just a little over an hour drive. Eight miles north of Traverse City, we took a left onto Brackett Road for 1 mile to our 6 day stay at Everflowing Waters Campground.

A long driveway into the campground.

As we cross over this wood bridge, Joe said, " I hope this bridge holds"!

I had faith! We made it with no problems.
After we cross the small bridge, we saw a sign that said office. Joe found a slip of paper telling us what site we were assigned to. The site was on the other side and down from the office. We unhooked and got into the site only to find we could not get a satellite connection. With no one around to discuss our situation, Joe decided to park our Nest out in the front of the park and hoped to get a signal.

We crossed back over the creek, (which later after meeting the owners of this place, told us salmon come up this creek from Lake Michigan sometime in October. Darn I would have liked to have seen that) and found a spot out front that had less trees.

The creek comes from the northeast from an underground spring, so it is everflowing. The site we were assigned to, sat right next to the creek, and had lovely sounds of the water cascading over rocks. If TV is not a big deal, take one of the sites next to the creek!

Behind the office there is one cabin that was rented.

There was only 3 of us out in the front part of the campground, and one permanent camper in the back. We found this campground through our Passport America membership and because it is off season, we paid $18 a day. This campground does not have sewers or a dump site, so be sure to dump before you come. The owner had told us not to worry, because he would dump our grey water after a few days and water the grounds. Otherwise we would never make 6 full days with no sewer. I know, most full timers can stay much longer than that, but we don't eat out much, and don't eat process foods like microwaved package foods. Because we do a lot of cooking, by the end of the day, I have a ton of dishes, and that is where most of our grey water comes from. We are real good at navy showers, but still can only go about 4 days before we need to dump. The park does not have any showers, laundry, or a pool. The only bathrooms are out houses. The park has a great location, being only a mile off Hwy. 31, but the amenities are none if that is what you are looking for. My only complaint is that the grass was rather tall when we came in ( doesn't look like it in the picture, but it was), and the owner never mowed it for the six days we were there. Because of dew and it rained a few times, our  shoes would get saturated, and take a while to dry off. Otherwise it is a very clean, quiet and nice campground.

The sign out front is also very small, so if you plan on staying at this campground, keep your eyes peeled for this very small sign.

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