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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mackinac Island, MI.

                    Wednesday 8/28/2013

There are 3 ferry companies to Mackinac Island. We chose the Shepler's Ferry because our campground recommended them. The normal price is $25 a person for the ferry ride to the island, but with the $10 off coupon we got at the visitor center, we paid $20 a person for the ride. The coupon is good for any of the ferry companies.

I decided to bring Mallery, which latter I regretted.

We took the ferry to Mackinac around 11AM, and it was foggy going over to the island. We could barely see the Mackinac Bridge, because of the fog.
One of the Hydro-Jet Ferries going the opposite direction than us.
The ride to Mackinac Island from St Ignace took 17 minutes, and it was a bit chilly. (I wished I had brought a jacket for the ride).

We saw neat old homes that sat high on the hills of the island as we approached it.

The Grand Hotel
 Travel and Leisure Family Magazine voted this hotel as one the best family hotel in the country.

Round Island Light
The light was reactivated in 1978 for the filming of the movie "Somewhere in Time".

Another light as we got closer to the island. It seemed to be a home for many birds.

View of the downtown area with Ste. Anne's Catholic Church in the center.
 Island House Hotel & Marina. 
Joe, and our daughters Alisha & Tiffany and myself docked at this marina about 17 years ago, with Joe's Uncle Don. He brought us across Lake Huron in his boat from a cabin he had rented for all of us. I remember it was a long bumpy ride to the island.
As we approached the island, the water turned turquoise.

The clarity revealed the sea weed below.

Once off the boat, we walked up the street checking out bike shop prices. Mackinac Island is a no car island. The Lilac Tree Suites & Spa is the large building across the street in this picture.

We finally decide on this bike shop.

We rent two bikes for $8 an hour. I also rented a Burley Trailer/Tagalong to put Mallery in behind my bike for another $8 an hour.

The bike ride around the island is 8 miles long. We rode past the Mission Point Resort.

A few people on kayaks, had stopped to cool off along the water edge.

We stopped to see Rock Arch.
There are several really nice beaches along the road around the island.

I had rented the Tagalong so Mallery would have some shade, but she stood up on the front edge the entire time in the sun. There wasn't as much breeze in the Tagalong, so I strapped her in the front bike basket. She had constant breezes up there and seemed to like it better, and I could keep an eye on her also. She panted less, so I pulled the tagalong empty behind me.

Another beautiful beach with a family enjoying it alone.

The beach is made up of small to medium smooth white rocks.

Some newer home with the historic island looks along our bike route road!

After an hour and a half we approached the downtown area from the other direction. I had to stop several times to take pictures of the neat old homes that line the main streets.

Most are old Victorian homes.

The entire island is listed as a National Historic Landmark.
You can get around the island by foot, bikes, or carriages. The Grand Hotel had a grand carriage!

The island was home to native Americans before the Europeans explores settled on it in the 17 century. It became a great strategic position during the fur trade commerce. The British established Fort Mackinac during the American Revolutionary War. You can visit the fort if you have time, which we didn't. The fort is on the hill in this picture. This fort was in two battles during the War of 1812.

After we returned the bikes and the tagalong we walked back toward Mission Point Resort which we were told was a pet friendly restaurant.

This is one of my favorite homes on the island. It had a sign with the name Bridadoon on it. Maybe that is the owners last name.

We walked past the marina,

and past the Island House Hotel which was built in 1852.

And past the The Inn On Mackinac Island a B&B.

Past the Ste. Anne's Catholic Church,

and we finally came to the restaurant 

& putting greens of Mission Point Resort.
The Greens - Mission Point Resort.

The restaurant has great views of the bay and putting greens.

Joe ordered the Whitefish platter,

and I ordered a salad with apples, goat cheese, and pecans and a delicious vinaigrette dressing.

I also ordered the grilled asparagus. Usually Joe and I are never happy with our meals when we eat out, but we were both very happy with everything we ordered. Two thumbs up for this restaurant!

We were blessed with a gorgeous day, and great food.

Views of the front lawn of the Mission Point Resort with their white Adirondack chairs.

Further up on the lawn, we saw a wedding ending in the gazebo.

If you have little ones, you can rent tandem bikes also.

We headed back toward the downtown.

The married couple went past us in a carriage.

You can rent tagalongs for even smaller kids. This is what the tagalong looked like, that I rented for Mallery, and I ended up pulling empty.

View of one of the bike shops as we left the island on the ferry.
I really enjoyed the day, riding bikes around Mackinac Island. Joe didn't enjoy it as much because he got too hot and his butt was sore. (It was in the high 70's and Joe has no fat on his hind end. For once my extra padding came in handy)!

The ride across the bay felt wonderful, since we were both warm with the higher afternoon temps. Mallery on the other hand was not crazy with the boat ride, as it was something that she is not use to. Because she was hot and nervous about the boat ride, she panted all the way across the bay.

We arrive back to St Ignace as we see the Chief Wawatam Light on shore.

I am not sure what these boxes were as we entered the St Ignace Harbor, but it made a good picture of the calm waters. That evening Mallery sound horrible, because she had over worked her trachea with panting from being hot or being scared. Joe kept telling me, " I told you, you shouldn't have brought her. She can only handle short days." He was right, and next time, as much as she wants to come with us, I will have to make her stay home. I had to give her two doses of Benadryl before bed. Because her trachea is collapsing, she can't breath well, which makes her more anxious, which causes her trachea to be more irritated, and the vicious cycle continues . The Benadryl calms her down, which rests her trachea, and things eventually stops the cycle.

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