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Monday, October 7, 2013

Norris Dam, Tennessee

                      Thursday 9/26/2013

One of the first things we did while in Heiskell, TN., was to go to the Visitor Center in Clinton. After getting maps and brochures, we drove through the small  town of Norris and then on toward Norris Lake.

We found a pull out spot below the dam.

It had a strange thing under the water.

We found a sign that told us that it was a Weir. This is the second time in just a month that we came across a weir. We have spent 50 plus years, and had never heard this word before, and now in a month we come across it 2 times. I guess we are suppose to learn this word. This is suppose to put oxygen into the water to help the fish survive below the dam. The water that comes thru the dam is from the bottom and is much colder and needs extra oxygen.
View of the weir from below it.
We drove up the river to the Norris Dam Visitor Center.

The Norris Dam inpounds the Clinch River and is 265 feet tall.
It creates Norris Lake.

View from the top of the Norris Dam.

The Norris Dam State Park also has 2 campgrounds. This one is just up the hill from the dam. The sites have water and electric for $20 a night. We got a late start that day so we headed back for home.

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