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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Boulder Park and Mr. Alligator

                                                  March 2015 Continues
When Joe and I took our grand kids on the bike trail, Boulder Park was always their favorite stop.
Noah loved the rock climbing boulders and was really good at climbing them.
Madalena gave it her best shot, but because of her height, needed help.
The smallest boulder she could do herself.
On the biggest boulder, Papa had to help her up.
At the top for a picture!
And than Papa came to the rescue again to get Maddie down.
Further down one of the trails, we were told there was an alligator.
Noah sat on the fence, as Joe held Maddie up for the picture. (The alligator was farther away in the picture than it looked)!
Noah noticed that the alligator was missing his right front paw.

He probably lost it in a fight with another alligator.
After the kids went back home we took a short bike ride with Mallery.
Mallery sometimes got rides in the bike trailer also. I think she liked the front basket rides best, especially when it was warm. I don't think she gots as much ventilation in the bike trailer.
We had one week left before we had to leave the Gulf Shores State Park Campground. We were scheduled to leave April 1st. After this bike ride, I took pictures of the trailer and posted it to sell on Craigslist that afternoon. Joe thought I was really cutting it short and thought I should have posted it a week earlier. Thirty minutes later I had a call, and a couple from Pensacola drove over a hour later and bought it. We sold it for $15 more than we had paid for it (even after paying for S& H and a bike attachment). It was always my plan to buy it for the winter and sell it in the spring. When we bought it, it had two flat tires (they just needed air) and we had to order the attachment that hooked the trailer to the bike because it was missing. Because of these two problems we got the trailer at a cheaper price. When we sold it, it was attached to my bike with air in it's tires. Now that is the way to sell an item! I was a "Happy Camper". 
We did have a visitor that I forgot to mention in my previous blog during March. Joe's old high school friend Rick stayed with us for two nights. He was en-route to Tallahassee to check out the town for a possible future home. After visiting the town, he decided it was not the right place for him. We keep telling him he needs to buy a RV, and travel a bit to figure out where he wants to live in his retirement years. Unfortunately the RV life is not for everyone.

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