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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 3 -6 Of Road Trip Going North

                                                         Friday, April 10,2015

We were glad to get up and leave the Pilot Truck Stop in Lebanon Junction, Kentucky. It was a little warm that night, but we kept the windows closed due to the diesel fumes from the semi's running their generators all night. Not our favorite night stopping place, but sometimes it's all you got if you want to drive a little longer or not anymore!

Lebanon Junction, Kentucky was just south of Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville looks like a progressive and clean city from the interstate.

View of the bridge that crosses you from Kentucky to Indiana.
It crosses over the Ohio River,

which looks very brown and muddy, prabably due to all the rain and flooding in some of the surrounding areas.

On our third day of the road trip we enter into Indiana.

After stopping at a rest stop for 4 minutes to let Mallery relieve herself, the traffic slowed down just south of Indianapolis, Indiana. Than a ambulance drove past us on the shoulder on our right side up a mile to this accident. As we pasted by, a black car was on it's side in front of the fire truck and a fold out camper was in the ditch. Off to the right side of the road, people were looking over a rail down the into a ditch at something. Not sure if there was another car involved and it went down the ditch or if someone was thrown out of the car.
Thirty minutes later the traffic started to slow down again. Than a unmarked car went zooming on the right side of us again on the edge of the road. When we came to the accident which was about 2 miles ahead of us, two guys with yellow vest were assessing the situation and direction the traffic. No ambulance or fire truck or police had arrived yet. The car was under the semi up to the back seat of the car. There were car skids marks from the car at lest a 1/4 of a mile that I saw. I believe the people must have been in the car still. I prayed for the people in both accidents as we drove past. We hate driving through Nashville and Indianapolis. Both cities are a nightmare with quick lane changes and crazy drivers. North of Indianapolis we stopped for the night in Rochester, Indiana at a Wal-Mart. We had driven 243 miles that day. We lost an hour that day due to crossing over into eastern time zone. It was really windy north of Indianapolis, so we were glad to be able to finally stop for the night. Joe had to really hang onto the steering wheel because he never knew when the next big push would come from gust of wind.
The next day we decided to stop at the Newmar Factory Plant in Nappannee, Indiana which was only about 50 miles from our Wal-Mart pit stop. After getting on the road the generator was acting up so we were hoping we would be able to get it looked at, as well as having 2 nights of R&R after 3 days of hard driving for us! We arrived on Saturday, so we would have to wait for Monday morning to see if we could be fit in. There are 21 free full hook-up sites if you are lucky enough to get one, otherwise there are electric over flow sights down the street. There were plenty of full hook-up sites that day, so we set up and enjoyed the day. It was a beautiful 70 degree day, so Joe washed the bus and car, while I did some cleaning inside. On Monday we were told that we couldn't be seen, but recommended another company in Elkhart, IN. 20 mile north of Nappannee.

Monday morning, we drove 20 miles to Elkhart after calling and making an appointment for the following day at Pro Custom Inc.

On the side of the business there are water and electric hook ups and dump station for you before or after your visit.

After having the generator looked at, it was decided that it was a quart low on oil which was causing it to stop working. We had just had the bus serviced at Camping World in December, so we really didn't know why the oil was a quart low. Joe dumping us before we left. The business has a nice TV lounge and free WiFi room that pets are allowed in, while you are having the work done. The staff are very friendly and helpful also.

We didn't leave Elkhart until after 1:30, but still managed to get some time in on the road. We hit our last big city of Grand Rapids, MI. before we enter into the quiet and peaceful world of Northern Michigan. Grand Rapids was pretty easy to go through, compared to Nashville and Indianapolis. We stopped at a Wal-Mart in Cadillac, MI. at 6:30 after driving 207 miles.

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