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Monday, April 20, 2015

We Arrive Back To Our New House To Find What? Silly Us!

                                                                   April 15, 2015

Once past Cadillac, it become very rural and forest.

The trees in Northern Michigan have not begun to bud yet!
After an 1 1/2 drive we arrived in Boyne City. We parked in the city park and unhooked the car.
View from Boyne City Park of Lake Charlevoix.

The lake at the mouth of Boyne River was thawed and flowing.

We drove to our house to see if there were any obstacles before we brought the bus home and had to attempt to get it in the parking spot.

Our new view with many trees removed from our yard and lake front yard across the street. The weeping willow and birch tree across the street got hair cuts to raise the lower limbs helping open up the view.

Joe checking out his lake front property. The lake was still frozen on our side of the lake.

It took us at least 1 1/2 hours to get our bus in it's spot. There is an electrical pole at the top of the drive that Joe has to turn into before backing into the spot. That pole gives us much grief! Our view from our Nest once in our spot.

Our view from our Nest looking down the alley. That pole next to the house is the big trouble maker. Next to the road opposite the pole was a 4 foot pile of wood chips from our cut down trees. Joe and I spent an hour trying to shovel the wood chips back so Joe could drive more on that side of the alley to miss the pole. In the end after shoveling and wearing ourselves out, we backed the bus up and repositioned it and made the turn.

As we entered the door we were greeted with plastic running through out the walk space in the house. We were impressed so far.

The kitchen was walled off by plastic. Dummy me, I thought I might use the kitchen while we were here.
The living room was walled off too going to the guest bathroom,
as well as the master bedroom. We had thought about dragging our mattress into the bedroom again and sleep in the house. I guess we thought wrong! The bathrooms were demolished, which we had planned, knowing they would not be available for use. The contractor and worker were starting the plumbing and electrical, so there was no water at all, and no lights in parts of the house. The laundry I was planning on doing was not going to happen either. Boy were we not thinking! The whole house was of no use. Silly us!

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