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Come join Joe, Mallery & I, as we travel around the USA in our RVery Best Nest. God's Favor has been chasing us down, and we are enjoying all of His blessing's, that He has created for all to enjoy!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Going Though Our Storage, Ugh!

                                             Monday April 27, 2015
We headed out to what I have been dreading, "our storage of stuff" at PAMS Storage in Urbana, IA. The year we sold our house and bought our first Nest, was also the year Cedar Rapids had a very large flood that destroyed many homes and neighborhoods. All the storage places in town were full;  so we had to rent a storage unit in Urbana, 25 mile north of CR. Because it was in Urbana the rent was much cheaper for our 10 x 8 unit at $40 a month.

Our completely full with no path storage unit. Ugh! Just close the door and lets do something else. I wish I listened to my husband 6 1/2 years ago and wanted to sell everything.

You can't see it from this picture,but there are cobwebs everywhere.

And than Joe finds this in the front under his saw table. Yuck!

Joe pulls it out of our storage so I can get a picture. It is the size of Joe hand. Is this a large mouse or a small rat. All the decon in the the 3 boxes were empty. Later Joe finds 2 more very small dead mice. Gross!
So Joe pulls out stuff while I sweep all the cobwebs off with a broom, and we spread it out in the sun in hopes if there are any spiders, they will get out of dodge.

Joe pulls out enough to make a path into the unit. He made a very little dent in the mountain of stuff yet to go through. Our goal this day was to pull out enough, to get to the stuff that we wanted to take pictures of that we have decided to sell on Craigslist. We have decided to sell some larger pieces of furniture that won't fit in our up north home, like the roll top desk in the picture below.
After spending 5 hours of moving cleaning, picture taking and measuring, everything had to go make in, with Joe hoping he would get it all back the way he took it out. At 5pm we headed to the Animal Hospital to pick up our little girl. After release instructions they brought her to us. She was trembling almost all the way home.
After wandering all around Kay's again, she crawled into her kennel.
She hasn't been in her kennel for years in the bus. I guess she is use to the kennel after 3 nights at the hospital. Her kidney levels never came down while at the hospital. We are waiting now for the Leptospirosis results, which should come back tomorrow. The Dr. says she will most likely have permanent kidney damage. In the meantime we have her in a diaper to avoid any accidents on Kay's carpet. Ever since she came home from the hospital, she has been peeing much more than usual. They put fluid under her skin to help her stay hydrated. Right away we put a diaper on her, and we are very thankful, because she started squatting in Kay's house. If she didn't have the diaper on, there would have been several accidents. On her last day at the hospital, she starting having loose stools and starting not eating good. The Dr told us to feed her what ever she wanted because her weight loss is the most important situation presently.


  1. Hi it's Leslie, It is so sad to see what you are going through. Know that with Gods grace you and Joe will find the strength to help Mallery face what comes. I really agree strongly with the doctor to let Mallery eat what ever she wants. As you know food is a dogs favorite pleasure, along with rolling in green grass as in Mallerys case +_+. When I read about the details of this journey with her illness it brings up my own past experience when my fur babies went to Heaven. I have never seen my husband cry so hard in his life as when our beloved Yorkie died in his arms. Tears are running down my cheeks as I type this. Know that I truly understand your pain and heartache. I must confess I am apprehensive when I go to read your blog as I am dreading sad news. Please give Mallery a kiss for me. I pray for strength for you all. Love Leslie

    1. Hi Leslie, Thanks for your encouragement and thought! It has been such a roller coaster theses last few days. When I took Mallery in to see the vet with her lack of eating it was such a shock to here she was in kidney failure. I just was not expecting that at all. When the vet wanted her to stay the night with no one around, it just gave me anxiety. It is a day to day situation with her now. She has lost almost 2 lbs since all this started. I didn't know lack of appetite and having to go the bathroom all the time could be a cause of kidney failure. All of this started in less than 2 months. Prior they were symptoms of predinsone. I have a vet tech who got the report back from the emergency hospital and she said the same thing. She was afraid to open the report to hear that Mallery had been put to sleep. It is the same thing I go through every night. I wake up and am afraid when she is so quiet, I am going to reach down and touch her and she will be cold. So I lay there afraid to touch her, but finally I do and am relieved. Even when I know it is inevitable, I just can't seem to give up hope. She has been such a sweet girl and such a great girlfriend, I always heard this is so hard from others, but until you go through it, you don't know just how hard. Thanks again for your prayers, because they are truly appreciated.