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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bayfield WI. day 5 & 6


Did not do much today. Decided to go to a beach area south of Bayfield. Walked for 20 minutes on the beach and then 2o minutes back. As we walked we heard the waves hit the shore. Brought back memories of Alabama and Florida days.

Walking north toward Bayfield This is looking toward Madeline Island & Bayfield. If you double click on it you may see them. After walking, we did a few errands, and then stopped at a pastry shop. I was told this shop had Norwegian pastries. My grandmother Freeman use to make Norwegian goodies at Christmas, and I've been looking to reminisce those days. She told me she didn't make the Norwegian treats till November. Darn, I was really looking forward to revisiting grandma's goodies. We did find some goodies to buy at the shop then went to our nest for the day.

Today was moving day. When we first came to Bayfield, we accidentally parked in site # 50. Then we realized, we were suppose to be in site # 49. Joe asked the owner if we could stay in site # 50, because it had such a great view of Lake Superior. For $5 extra a day, he said we could stay, but needed to move back to site #49 by Thursday, because someone else had reserved site # 50.

We moved to site 49 today Our new site #49- bushes for privacy- but no view On the other side of the bushes is where we were, site # 50. The new people arrived about 30 minutes after we moved. Our new view. Lot # 49, a bush and a motorhome, but $5.00 less a day. Our old view. Lot #50, Lake Superior & $5.00 a day more. Which site would you take? Oh well, we'll take #49, it's cheaper and we were starting to take the view for granted anyway!

We also spent the day cleaning our nest. Vacuumed, mopped & dusted. Boy, do I love the size of our nest. I also gave Mallery a bath. It was a warm day (mid 80's) so she enjoyed cooling down.

Before! After! " I'm ready to run & rub myself on the carpet now. Let me out of here!"

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