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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bessemer, Michigan - Porcupine Mountains

July 2,09

The morning greeted us with grey skies and mid 50's. Quiet night, sometimes one doesn't know what to expect in a new campground. Diane sometimes wonders what is out in the woods that surrounds us and if they are checking us out? Drove 2 miles to the town of Wakefield, stopped into the information center, to look for ideas and suggestions of what to see. Talked to a real character who worked there. He really told Diane a lot of stories that were just that! Did give us some good advice of where to go in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park just north of here. We drove on up into the mountains. Our first spot was Presque Isle River area which feeds Lake Superior. There was a boardwalk trail that went along the river that has 3 different water falls on it. Diane was worried about Bears, as the Ranger at the park station said that there were lots of bears in the park and that a lady had reported a black bear coming up behind her while she was eating her lunch at one of the designated picnic areas just a few hours before we arrived.

We walked in the forest and then came to all these stairs.
The river below. More forest We come to lake Superior. Heading back. All the traffic has exposed these roots. Back through the woods, keeping an eye out for----lion and tigers and bears oh my! Interesting grow in the forest. Fungus I think. Over the river and through the woods. River going to Lake Superior Looking up river. The force of water Manabezho Falls Manido Falls More stairs. After viewing the falls, and getting a good workout in the process we left that area of the park and continued on to the Summit Peak Area which is the highest area of the park. After a 1/2 mile trail that was fairly steep up to a walkway which lead to a viewing area we took in the sights.

Luckily, no Bears along the way. We then climbed upward to a three story high watch tower for an even higher view. Joe was not too keen on this height, but did his best not to "woos out".

This would be breath taking in the fall!
We left that area of the park and drove another 1/2 hour to the next viewing area called Lake of the Clouds. This was an easy walk to the viewing area for what I thought was the best view with a lake down below and soaring eagles in the skies. We returned to our "Best Nest" just in time for dinner, can't believe we never saw a signal bear, Oh, I take that back, there was a stuffed bear on display at the Ranger station at Lake of the Clouds.

Lake of the Clouds. We were told by another viewer, who has been coming here every year for the past 32 years, that the lake is sky blue on sunny days. And if there are a few clouds, they are reflected in the water. Today was completely overcast and in the high 60's. Great for hiking, but would have loved to see the lake sky blue!There was a lady standing on the edge of that cliff, ( where the orange plastic barrier fence is) and bending and reaching out to get a good picture. It made both us sick to our stomach just watching her. We had to look away.
On the way home we stopped on the beach of Lake Superior. I just had to pick up a few Superior rocks.

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