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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bayfield, WI. - exploring the town


Awoke to a sunny morning, after our evening of 4th of July Fireworks seen from our high vantage point here at the park (paid $5 extra) last night. The Fireworks were set off across the bay on Madeline Island; they appeared small, but still viewable, from our lofty perch. We could even see another fireworks display many miles way in what we guessed might be Ashland, WI. As we surveyed our view this morning, we couldn't help but notice, most of our neighbors had packed up and left. By the time we finished breakfast and took Malley for a walk, most of the park was empty. Drove into Bayfield, WI. to look over the town. Kind of cute, a few T-shirt shops and the like. Parked at the harbor parking lot, strolled around and looked at some boat, (lots of sailboats), one nice small cruiser with a sleeping area up front for sale, only 50,000. We could trade our RV and live on it? Walked around town, tried to keep Diane from buying anything not nailed down. Drove up around the surrounding hills, a few nice refurnished old homes. Drove to a winery/apple farm that has been around over 100 years. The old barn had a collection of hats all over the ceiling. It had a view of Lake Superior from top the the barn's window. Came home to our nest. Took in our spectacular high view until a big motorhome like ours arrived and took away part of our view.

Best view with no motorhome in front of us.

Bayfield, WI. Marina

Bayfield, WI. on the hill side.

Interesting ship Car Ferry to Madeline Island Baby bird I heard as I passed a bush.

Fishing boats - (we have seen many of these around. Even saw one still in the water)

Beautiful Home on the hill side.

Back side of home with great view.

Hat collection at winery/apple farm (just as many hats on other side of barn)

View from top of barn. (the view was good in real life-not in picture, unless you enlarge it by double clicking on the picture)

A new motorhome came in and took part of our $5.00 a day view.

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