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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hayward WI.


Today we drove 60 miles south to Hayward, WI. 's Wal-Mart. After arriving we unhooked the car and drove to McDonald's for our .99 cent double burgers and a shared .99 cent fry, and 2 glasses of water. After lunch we drove around to find a laundry mat, and did our clothes. After laundry, it was time to do our weekly grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. Just an ordinary day like yours! It was a beautiful sunny day in low 80's.


We left Wal-Mart and filled up the propane tank at a propane business than filled up the RV with gas. Prices are looking good again. Then drove 11 miles to Sand Lake to our next stop at the Sand Lake Pines Resort and Campground. This park is like the park in Three Lakes, WI., in that 95% of the RV are permanent seasonal trailers. There are only a couple of spots for transients like us. It is full hook up with cable for $23 a night. After setting up we went to a flee market, which is held every Monday in Hayward. As we walked in they were starting to cover the table and closing down. No one told us it close at 3:00 PM.


Today was a rainy day. First rain we've had for about 3 weeks. Northern Wisconsin has been very dry, and have signs stating forest fire danger is at high risk. The rain was a blessing for northern Wisconsiner's. We spent the day at home doing paper work and internet research for our next month travels and reservations.


We decided to drive to the 3 largest and cleanest lakes in this area. While driving in a neighborhood on Lac Courte Oreilles Lake we saw this;

It walk right in front of this house, from the left to the right. The lake is behind the house. Can you see it!

I will zoom in for you. By the time I got my camera out of the case, turned it on and took the picture, it had walked to the right. Do you see it?

Yes, it was a black bear in broad daylight, taking a stroll in the neighborhood.

We also drove to Grindstone and Round Lakes, but nothing compared to our bear sighting!

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