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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Madeline Island, WI


Awoke to another sunny day in the low 60's but soon warm into low 80's. Drove into Bayfield and paid $25 for our car and $22 for us to go across the bay on Lake Superior over to the largest of the Apostle Islands; Madeline Island.

Went up to top deck, to get best views of Bayfield

Love that American flag as it waves in the breeze and I am blessed to be an American!

Time to get off onto Madeline Island.

Upon are arrival we sighed up for a free walking tour of the business district located at the boat landing area. We drove around the immediate area for about 30 minutes. Found a small city park where we ate our prepared sack lunches. Then walked to the designated meeting spot for the guided tour. Our tour guide was an employee of the Ferry Service. She was about 55-60 years old and had been coming to Madeline Island since she was young. She has now been a year round resident for the past 8 years. She also was an EMT volunteer, and worked part-time as a city clerk. She took us on an informative tour that lasted just over an hour. We learned some history and some current facts about the island. It was well worth our time. Afterwards we drove around the island which is about 14 miles long and 3 miles wide. Saw some nice beaches and some pretty scenery.

We stopped at Grant's Point, to check out the beach. Malley got her first swimming experience in the cold waters of Lake Superior. She followed Diane into the water when Diane waded in to pick up a rock she saw on the bottom. Malley went in up to her neck before she realized what she was doing and made a hasty retreat back to the beach. She then rolled and ran around trying to dry off and getting all sandy in the process. Before leaving, Diane picked her up and carried her into the water to clean her off, then let her swim back to shore about 4 feet. She has never had the experience of swimming before, and she took to dog paddling right off the bat.

The lake bottom is full of smooth racks, that are very hard to walk on. It is very hard to look graceful!
The water was very cold. We were told the ice just left here about 4 weeks ago. Joe grabbed Mallery with a towel and we wrapped her up as he went to the car. She stayed in that towel for at least 30 minutes as she shivered.
Water very clear- see my feet

Then we drove to Big Bay Town Park.

Plenty of smooth stones around here, and they use their resources for good use.

This is not either of us, just someone enjoying the day.

Met a nice lady and her two young sons on the beach. She was from Dubuque, IA (small world) owns a summer home on the island. She told us she had met another couple from CR just the day before!

This was just a beautiful beach with the blue water. In some way it reminded me of a beach on St. John Island in the Caribbean. Just a gorgeous spot!

Just too cold to swim in. We were told by the end of July the water will be warm enough to swim in.

We found this restaurant/bar in the downtown area.( hard to miss). The story goes that Tom had a restaurant that burnt down. Tom the owner didn't have the money to rebuild, but still had a liquor license, so he built what he could. Now, people visit the island looking for Tom's place that burnt down.
Tom is said to be a late 50's hippie.

Had quotes all over the place.

Reminded me of Florabama- a famous landmark on the border of Florida & Alabama.

We than ate a pizza at a rooftop restaurant overlooking the water. We were told in Bayfield that the pizza was really good, but we didn't think it was that great.

Caught the Ferry back to Bayfield and drove home just in time for Diane's must see show The Bachelorette.

Sea birds as we pulled away from the island.

Ferry we passed, going to Madeline Island as we were going back to Bayfield.

Moon refected on the water. Good night!

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