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Monday, November 30, 2009

Tombstone Territory RV Park


We are leaving Mountain View in Huachuca, AZ. and going to Tombstone Territories RV Park 8 miles west of where we are now. Entering park. The office to register. This park sits out in the middle of the desert just 10 miles from Tombstone. They offer a reasonable rate of $16.00 per day with free cable TV and you can stay for 7 days at that rate, but you have an electric meter at your site, so you are charged for all electricity you consume. This will be the first time we have paid extra for electricity, It will be interesting to see how much we use. (they charge .13 per kilowatt hour). Our site C-2- a corner lot. Picture taken from the east. View from our yard. We took a walk to view our new neighborhood. Picture from the far west side of the park. Very nice park. The only negative is that the interior roads are small gravel. Malley has a hard time walking on it. As we walk down the interior road I take a picture of our yard from the west. The office from our yard with a heated pool, hot tub and the putt greens. The park is very nice and has a huge clubhouse with a hot tub and heated swimming pool. They even have a 3 hole chip and putt golf course with some kind of natural grass that's more yellow than green. Our internet signal is weak but usable, so I think we will stay for the 7 day maximum. I know I will enjoy Cable TV in the mornings and evenings. Forecast calls for near freezing tonight and showers and cold temps tomorrow. Hard to believe for Arizona, but we are at 4000 ft elevation which makes a big difference. We walked up the road and took this shot from the far west looking east again at the office. Cactus plant that has a stem that grows very tall. I will have to find out the name of the cactus. This one is our yard but do not have the tall stem.This is the design on the cactus leaf. I think it very cool.And of course it has thorns like all cactus plants. Our cactus in our yard had babies. View out our front window. The structure with the red roof is the laundry. The laundry room. Very clean laundry. Very nice mural on the wall. Bay window to sit at, if you want to wait for laundry. I sit on the couch the most and this is my view from our couch. Mountains in the distance.

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