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Monday, November 2, 2009

Verde River Resort


We enjoyed our 2 week stay at the Dead Horse State Park in Cottonwood, AZ., but it's time to move on. The view and the park were very nice, and the 1st week we were there our internet connection was pretty good, but the second week something happened to our connection. How does that work? I don't understand how you can have a good signal in the same place and the next week it is a bad connection. The other problem at the park was we didn't have sewer. Most state parks don't have sewer. So we had to be conservative with the water. I don't mind taking showers in the bathhouse if they are good, but the shower pressure was on very strong, so it was not the most comfortable shower. And because it was so strong you would have to turn the water off just to suds up, or the soap was wash off immediately. This time of year it really cools down at night, so the mornings are very cool. We like to take showers in the morning, so it was very cold to suds up with the water off. Joe continued to take showers in the mornings, but I took my shower in the afternoons at the hottest time of day. I also took showers every 3rd day. Sometimes when you are a full timer, you do what you got to do to conserve!
So we left at check out time 2:00 PM, and drove the shortest drive to date, 9 miles to the Verde River Resort, located about 5 miles outside Camp Verde, AZ.We drive up to the gate.
I guess this used to be the registration station. Looking down the road into the park. New registration office.Look at the size of those cactus.I sat in the rocking chair with Malley as Joe registered. Verde River Resort Sign on register building and cactus. ( got to do something as I wait for Joe). We are 3rd on the left. See are white Honda. The park was very full when we came. View out our front window. Recreation room with pool area.Nice pool, but not heated and with our cool nights, not able to use this time of season. The park has gravel interior roads, which Mallery doesn't like to walk on, but at least it was small gravel.

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