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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fairyland Canyon in Bryce Canyon


I got Joe out of bed after I got home from my sunrise viewing. We ate breakfast, and then we headed for Fairyland Canyon, located just outside of the gates of Bryce Canyon. We wanted to do one more trail, before we left this area. We walked the Fairyland Loop, but only did part of it. This loop is 8 miles and we aren't up to that. It is also a 2300 change in elevation. The trail is much less crowded. More ponderosa pine bark with woodpecker hole, I believe. I just love the look of this bark We are to see the China Wall on this trail. I think this is it. These look like hoodoo's with hats and thick eye brows. Paintbrush flowers with a great back drop. This was an easy trail so far, because it was all the way down. We met some other people and asked if they had done the whole trail. They said, they had started to late, and had walked for an hour and they had just turned around. After walking just a bit further, we turned around also, and headed back. We spotted a bristlecone pine. See the fox tail branches. Joe said this pine was a male, because it has this red cone. He said he read this on one of the information signs. I think he is just making it up, and just trying to be smarty pants. Just kidding. I think this trail of what we saw, was much prettier than the Garden/Navajo Loop. It is not as steep going back up, but it is a longer and more gradual up. So you could said it is about the same but not as scary. ( But we only did about half of it.) Getting back to the top. Such a beautiful day! Looking back at the trail, before it starts to descend. At the top, we look down from the viewing spot, before we leave to go back home.

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