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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Old Faithful Geyser


After viewing the springs at West Thumb Basin, we drove to where Old Faithful was located in the park.
Along the way, we cross the Continental Divide.
I saw this pond with the lily pads, and had Joe stop, so I could look around.

A dragon fly on this lily pad.

After we left the pond, we crossed over another Continental Divide.
As we approached the Old Faithful part of Yellowstone, there where all these yellow wild flowers.
Old Faithful's next schedule eruption was not for a while, so we walked around to see several of the other springs in the area.

Chinese Spring. It boils off and on.
Chinese Spring next to a stream.
It was getting close to Old Faithful to do her thing.
She acts like she is going to do her thing on time, but she is a little late.
Other geysers down the way, go off, while we wait for Old Faithful.
There is a big crowd waiting.
She starts again,
and she does her thing!

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