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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Port Aransas, Texas

                                     Sunday 2/10/2013

While still in Fulton/Rockport area in Texas,, we took a 20 minute drive south to Aransas Pass. In Aransas Pass we took the drive on the penisula out to the ferry.

The ferry's are free and are only about  a 4 minutes ride to get to the island.

When we got to the beach, we saw a signs saying a city sticker is needed to park at the beach. We ask  passerby's where you had to go to get a sticker. They told us at the only grocery store in Port Aransas.

. Luckily the store was only a few blocks away. We got our $12 sticker and put it in the car window.

It was a lovely day for a walk on the beach.

The beach was not a pretty beach, when you are use to Alabama beaches. The sand is hard packed, so great for walking. The beach also had a lot of brown seaweed on it.

There is a long pier for fishing in Port Aransas on the island.

Mallery enjoyed her walk, but I did have to carry her a few times because she got too hot. When we got back to the car, she jumped in her dad's lap, and said, "lets go home so I can play ball with mom".

"Mom can we play ball when we get home," Mallery said with her look.


As we left the beach, weird clouds formed off in the ocean.
It might have been raining out in the ocean, but it didn't rain on the beach.

After beach walking, we decided to check out the island. We found this trailer sitting up high. Never seen a trailer raised like this.

After driving around we ended up back at the beach but north of the pier. This area allows cars on the beach.

There was a jetty north of the pier with lots of fishermen on it.

Lots of small picnic tables on the north end of the pier.

And lots of shore birds.
At the pier there is a restaurant, store, restrooms and bait shop.

As we continued to explore the island, I took a picture of  the Roosevelt's At The Tarpon Inn.

It looked like a very nice place to stay .

When we drive; Mallery has to sit in her booster seat in the back seat. She would rather sit in her mom's lap, but it is safer for her there.

When we jumped on the ferry, they had two ferry's loading up the cars.  The ferry runs 7 days a week , and round the clock.

I took these pictures of Mallery on our drive home as I shot them in my mirror on the visor.

She looked so cute sitting back there.

She's getting old and I never know how long she will be with us, so she gets lots of photo shots.

And her long hair is going to be gone in a couple weeks.

After getting off the ferry, we stopped at one of the many pull outs along the strip of lpenisula to the mainland.

On both sides of the road is water, with cars at most of the pullouts with fishermen along the shores.

Cactus along the shore mixed in with the grasses.

Once on the mainland we headed north toward Fulton. I took this picture to show how many of the neighborhoods are built on water channels.

Rockport /Fulton city limits.

View of Little Bay as we go through Rockport, TX.
I found this picture of Little Bay on the internet. On the other side of Little Bay is the inter-coastal waters that are between the mainland and San Jose Island. You can also see Rockport Beach in this picture.

When we got home Mallery had to have a bath because her long hair was filled with said.

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