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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rockport Beach and The Marina Area

                                       Tuesday 2/12/2013

After viewing the birds at Pelican Pier, we drove around Little Bay in Rockport, TX. toward Rockport Beach. Joe spotted the giant crab, so he said since he was sometimes an old crab he would stand by it for size perspective. He said it, not me!

View across Little Bay toward Rockport, TX.

Rockport Beach

It cost $5 to check out the beach, but we were told we could walk in for free. We chose to get some exercise and save the $5.

We were glad we had not brought our little princess since no animals were allowed.

We walked past the Rockport, TX sign/.bandstand.

I spotted another Great Blue Heron standing next to Little Bay.

I think it was sleeping until we walked by.

They remind me of little old men for some reason. I just noticed he/she was standing on one leg or missing a leg.

It turned out to be a beautiful day. It had been very gloomy the week we were in the Fulton/Rockport area, so it was nice to see blue skies that day
The Rockport Beach sits between Little Bay and Aransas Bay.  The Rockport Beach is on the Aransas Bay side.

Beachfront Pavilion and restroom/shower buildings on the beach.

Beach umbrellas and covered picnic tables on Rockport Beach.

On the beach I spotted a bird that I had never seen.

Black Skimmer
No other bird has a lower mandible ( lower bill) larger than the upper.

As we walked back to the car along the beach,side Joe spotted another bird in the park area. As I walked closer to get this picture, it turned its head toward me. I think this is a Crested Caracara, a kind of Falcon.

In a second it flew away.

I was lucky to get the first shot, before it took off!

After our beach walk, we drove over to the Rockport marina, which is just down the street from the beach

The Aquarium is located next to the marina.

I had read on a fellow traveler/blogger that the Aquarium was free, with donations accepted.

As we approached the Aquarium, we realized that we had come on a day it was closed.

Just up from the Aquarium is the Art Gallery. 

At least the Art Gallery was open.  The gallery had two classes going on. One for pottery and one for painting. I would love to take the pottery class. Maybe someday if we ever come back and stay longer.

To be continued:


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