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Sunday, February 3, 2013

More Family Time in Gulf Shores, AL.

                                         January 2013

In January I took my daughter Alisha out for dinner at  Mikato's, a Japanese restaurant in Gulf Shores.

My daughter turned 36 on January 3rd.

I wish she would stop getting  older, making me so old!
Joe and  I managed to find a few days to walk on the beach. On this particular day is was really cold as we walked east. When we turned around and headed west it was much nicer because we were walking with the wind and the sun came out.

On another day in January, Alisha called us and said she was going to take the kids to the beach. It was a warm sunny day. Unfortunately, we didn't get to the beach until 3PM and the clouds came in and it started to get chilly.

It was a Saturday, so the beach was pretty full for a late January afternoon.

To keep warm Joe and I took turns racing Noah down the beach, then he wanted to be buried in the sand.

Maddie kept throwing sand in Noah's face, as she helped bury him, which of course didn't make Noah happy.

After we buried him , Alisha teased him by making women parts on him, as he squealed at his mom to take them off.

He was thankful to get rid of the boobs but then it was a challenge for him to push is feet and hands free to get out of his predicament.

Hayleah was not in the picture mood, so she kept looking away when I tried to get her picture.

Also in January I was invited to Alisha's friend's Cindy's house for a craft night. Cindy's boyfriend  Kevin did all the carpentry work for the women.

This is Alisha's and Tiffany's jewelry board after they got them finished. Tiffany's is the yellow one. She put long ribbons on hers because she does not wear dangle earring, like her sister Alisha. She just wears button earrings, so she figured she could push the posts into the ribbons instead.

This is Cindy's  jewelry board  put to work in her bathroom. I didn't make a jewelry board because there is no room in my Nest for one, so I just enjoyed the taco soup and horderves and company. There were five women plus Cindy that night during crafts night.

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