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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Abita Springs RV Resort, Abita Springs, LA

January 31,2013

View across the pond in Abita Springs RV Resort.

We came to this park last winter on our way out west.

The resort sits on a small lake.

It has a nice pool area,
with a baby pool also.

Close up of the park from across the lake.
Close up of clubhouse from across the lake.

Close up of water and electric only sites that sit on the waterfront point.

Close up of cabins that sit along the lake.

We walked around the lake, and looked back at the resort in the distance.

At the end of the lake there are a couple of homes .

Close up of the home.

There is a spillway at the end of the lake. The pollen that is very thick right now made a neat design in the pool of water.

Abita Springs RV Resort is an Ocean Canyon Resort. We could stay here for three weeks free, but only stayed for 6 days because we wanted to get to Texas. We had planned on staying here for 7 days, but we lost one day due to severe/ tornado weather, so we had to spend an extra day in Gulf Shores, AL. We left Abita Springs two days ago and are now in Texas.

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