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Come join Joe, Mallery & I, as we travel around the USA in our RVery Best Nest. God's Favor has been chasing us down, and we are enjoying all of His blessing's, that He has created for all to enjoy!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Orleans - Pontchartrain Landing RV Campground


From Bay St. Louis we head south west to New Orleans. The trip is less than an hour away, just how we like to travel, not to far! As we start to cross the Twin Span Bridge that crosses from Slidell into New Orleans, I notice the bridge looked really damaged and under construction. I gathered the destruction was from Katrina. It was a very long 5.5 miles across that bridge!

After we entered New Orleans and were getting close to our destination, the GPS headed us down a road that was an iffy area of town. Was our GPS messing up like it has a few times on our trip?

Nope, we just had to go through the industrial part of town to get to our new park, Pontchartrain Landing RV Campground, on a harbor. With our passport membership, we are paying $30 a night.

The park roads consist of gravel- OK for us - Not for Mallery & the sand burs are terrible!

But beautiful plantings and great service! For Joe and I , two thumbs up. For Mallery's, two thumbs down!

Ramp to the pool and upper open recreation deck

Pool looking out to harbor

Juccui and waterfall below pool

After setting up, off we went to catch the 1:00 pm free shuttle to go to the French Quarters. While on the shuttle, we meet Marc and Brenda, from Ohio. They just arrived, and were going to the French Quarters for the1st time too. We were dropped off in front of this restaurant, and told to be back by 7:00 pm to catch the shuttle back, or find your own way home.

We jump off the shuttle and looked at each other, wondering which way to go, and how we would find our way back. We did have a map of the French Quarters, so all four of us headed down the road.

Marc and Brenda

Bourbon Street

Joe, you've been telling too many lies!

When I started to take a picture of this person( not sure if a she or he), she held up a beer can and started to feed the doll the beer, " I said," ah, we don't need that!" so he/she put the can down to her side.I didn't realize at the time I was suppose to give him/ her money for her / his talent or for taking their picture.

This guy grabbed me and told me to hold him up, while Joe took a picture. He didn't get any money either. Hey, if you want to dress up and have pictures taken of you, fine, but I'm not paying for it. How do you like the purse, I just had to buy in Gatlinberg, North Carolina.

Lot of strange people around here!

The beginning of the French Quarters

After a fun day of walking, gawking, and shopping we found our way back to the pick up spot, and headed home to eat, and then to the pool.

The pool was not heated, so no one got in, but me. It was very refreshing, while I swam laps and watched the big screen movie

Joe went to the juccui below.

Then, Marc and Brenda came too.

Joe is really happy he's retired and enjoying the good life!


  1. Oh fun! Looks like you two are having a blast!

    Did you have some real cajun food?

  2. I randomly came across your blog and wanted to say that you take wonderful pictures.

    I just had one question. You profess your faith openly throughout your blog yet while recounting your trip to New Orleans you repeatedly talk about how frightened you were by "the projects." Do you feel that people are inherently bad because they are poor or of a different ethnicity than your own? Did Jesus not walk among the poor and "less desirables" of his day in brotherly love? True Christian love is not just loving your own blessings, but sharing the "blessing" of love and acceptance with others. Perhaps instead of averting your eyes in abject fear from the people standing outside of those projects, you could have simply shared a friendly Christian smile....or maybe even a wave. Be Blessed

    1. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I didn't realize you had left a message until now. You are so very right what you say. Unfortunately just because I am a Christian and talk about my faith and blessings, doesn't mean I am perfect. I am like all Christians- Walking out my salvation, trying each and every day to be more like Jesus. Every day I see where I need to work at being a better person, and no matter how hard I try to be my best, I get tripped up some how. What I have learn is no matter how hard I try to be the perfect Christian, I will never measure up, and everything I have or am blessed with is only from the Grace Of Jesus and Gods goodness. I will never deserve or be good enough to qualify for what I have been Blessed with. I think that is exactly what God wants from us. He wants to know that we Love him and are trying our best, but He gave us his son to die on the cross so that no matter what Satan throws at us, if we acknowledge that Jesus is our King, and Lord of Lord's, we are covered and he has our back. I am like anyone, I let fear get the best of me, when I am in a place that is unfamiliar to me. We are told by everyone that certain places are not safe to be in. Our campground told us that it was not safe to walk at night in this particular area. So even though it was day, my imagination went into over drive. When fear gets a hold of you, your Christian walk goes out the window. Satan is the King of fear. I guess I listened to his whispers of fear in my mind and let it control me, instead having Faith that my Jesus and God were by my side. You are right, I should have smiled and maybe even waved. Be Blessed also.