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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Off to See My little Sis.

5/25/09 to 5/31/09

We left Berlin WI. and headed northeast on Hwy's 49 to 21 to 41 and then 10 to Two Rivers, WI. We are going to see my younger sister Nancy and her husband Jim, for a few days. Nancy and Jim were both at work, but they told us to help ourselves, and go ahead and park and set up in their drive. We unhooked and parked the car out in the street, then I got my walkie talkie to help guide Joe back into the driveway. When we first drove up, Joe wondered if we would even fit in the drive. He thought we were to long. As he backed up, it was very tight. I was behind the RV and he was very close to my sister's mail box. As I guided him just inches passed the mail box, I then walked around the RV to the passenger side to see how things were. " Joe Stop", I yelled on the walkie talkie. The RV was pushed up against the neighbors across the street, mail box. He had just push up against it, but in one more second it would have pushed it down. I went over to the mail box to check it out. Wow was that close. We had a good time having coffee every morning with Nancy, as she works 2nd shift. Then Jim would come home after Nancy went to work, and we'd visit with Jim. We had acouple of days when they were off at the same time, and they made us a yummy dinner. We helped Nancy put some flowers in, and Joe helped Jim with some mowing and trimming.
We made a 1st, as we have stayed free for a month straight, from the time we left New Orleans to the time we parked at The Harbor Campground, in Three Lakes, WI., ( our next stop) We stayed at Wal-Marts, friends, family's , truck stops, our storage parking lot, and Kettleson's Dealership parking lot, during RV maitenance. This is really going to help the budget. That's the LaFontaine's way of saving.

Nancy, Jim & Ozzie

Their home in Two Rivers WI.

Our new backyard. ( Dawn- my full-time RV blogger teacher- I give you credit for that saying this one time.) We just fit with no room to spare.

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