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Come join Joe, Mallery & I, as we travel around the USA in our RVery Best Nest. God's Favor has been chasing us down, and we are enjoying all of His blessing's, that He has created for all to enjoy!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sleeping with the Big Boys


We left our storage in Urbana, Iowa, and drove about 5 miles south to the Center Point, Ia, truck stop, and dumped our tanks and filled up with water. We unhooked the car and left the gas hog at the truck stop, while we went back to CR to do a couple more errands. We said our good byes and went back to the nest for the night with the big boys!

The place was completely full by nightfall.

The semi next to us ran his engine all night. A bit noisy, and boy did he pull in close to us! Good night, don't let the big boy's bite!

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