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Friday, May 10, 2013

Creation Evidence Museum, Glen Rose, Texas

                                    Thursday 5/9/2013

This is our last day in Glen Rose. It rained this morning, so we decided to drive out to the Creation Evidence Museum, which we saw when we drove out to Dinosaur State Park a few prior. 

It isn't a large building but we are very curious as to what it will show us. You don't see museums about creationism verses evolution very often.

This museum shows proof that God created man and we didn't evolution from apes. This is a picture of a petrified pine tree found in Colorado under 20 layers of sedimentary rock. These formation rock layers extend over 11 states and into Canada. Such a extensive rapid sedimentation required a Flood of Biblical proportion

It costs $5 per person.

This is the inside of the building.

This is a mural of the 7 days of creation by God, and the effects on the earth from the great flood to when God returns to the earth. We first watch a film that showed scientific explanation of each step of the creation. As the scientist explained creation he used this mural.

The earth in the beginning had a filament that surrounded and protected it.
 Early in the Flood sequence subterranean waters erupted and ruptured the great Pangean supercontinent into continental divisions, but the continental divisions were still in place adjacent to each other.   During the year of that great Flood the global floodwaters laid down sedimentary layers of rock laced with fossils. These sedimentary layers were placed directly over many of the fracture lines. The Pangean supercontinent was still in place, but was "fractured at the seams."
Approximately five hundred years after the Flood a "runaway" nuclear reaction took place in Earth's interior under the South Pacific basin. This reaction was initiated originally as a result of the disruption which caused the Flood. This "runaway" nuclear reaction took place at the time of Peleg, (Firstborn son of Eber the great-grandson of Shem, he lived 239 years and begot Reu and other sons and daughters) and during his lifetime the diameter of the earth expanded - separating the continents and thrusting great masses of land into new configurations.

Someday when the Creator returns the filament will be restored around the earth after the Tribulation.

If you want to read about the 13 Creation Models, you can go to this website at  I will warn you though it is very deep and you need to have a lot of scientific knowledge.

The Museum has fossil evidence that humans and the dinosaurs existed together before the flood and the Ark..

This explains more about the cast of the human footprint that was found along side the dinosaur tracks in this area.

A Cat scan was done on the cast as proof that it is genuine.

This is a cat paw from a cat that wasn't suppose to exist during dinosaur times.

This is a replica of Noah's Ark. that is 1/20th the size. It is still being constructed.  The museum has bible descriptions of the size. They also have drawings and first hand descriptions of it in the mountains between Turkey and Russia where it is currently sitting. Our government doesn't want this information published. The Muslims in Turkey don't want this information distributed because it makes their religion a lie.

This is one of 4 water tanks that was on the Ark that held water for the animals and Noah and his family to survive.

This shows all the rooms inside the Ark. This is really interesting in it's detail. Many levels showing where all the animals were kept with a gravity water system from the tanks to keep them hydrated. 

Another water tank showing the inside of it.

These are pictures of where the actual Ark is located in the Mountains of Turkey at an elevation of 11,000 ft. In the winter it is covered by snow and ice. In the summer it is guarded by Muslims that will shoot anyone who attempt to see it up close. The museum guide told us that his father was in the air force and flew over the mountain in the 60's during the summer and saw the ark, but he also receive bullet shots in his air plane. ( This blog was put together by Diane and Joe) Tomorrow we  leave for a campground west of Fort Worth for 3 days.

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