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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Historic District, Granbury, Texas

                                      Tuesday 5/7/2013

Yesterday, we decided to take a drive back to Granbury to check out the historic district. We had been to Granbury one other time for groceries.  As we entered the town, we could see Lake Grandbury. The lake is man made, by the damming of the Brazos River in 1969.
Granbury is 35 miles southwest of Fort Worth and consider a suburb of the big city. Granbury has a population of about 8000.

As we got close to the historic downtown area, we saw this old Victorian home. I would love to own this home on a lake! I know, mega bucks! But  let a girl dream!

Welcome to historic Granbury.

Hood County Courthouse in the historic district of Granbury.

Granbury Theater Company.

Statue of Mary Lou Watkins in the town square. Mary Lou was born in 1917 was the descendant of  the Nutt Brothers, who where the founding fathers of Granbury. She fought to save and preserve the heritage of Granbury. Through her fight, Granbury became the first town square in Texas that was put on the National Register.

Below her statue was this sign.

The Nut House is now a cute shop of  fun stuff.

A chandelier in the Nut House for $120.00. Someday I want a chandelier when we have a permanent Nest.

More  Texas "bling" sandals.

The historic downtown has beautiful old building with a lot of character.

Just off the square is the old jail that is a museum now. The museum is open on Friday and Saturday.

Another look at some of the shops in the square.

Pamela & Company had jams, jellies, salsa's, & snack samples, as well as homemade fudge.

Inside of Pamela & Company's store we saw a sign telling us that Bonnie and Clyde ate at a cafe that once was located in this store.

Picture of  Bonnie and Clyde.

Picture of Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, who played Bonnie and Clyde in the movie.

As we continued around the square we saw the old Opera House,

that was built in 1886.

On our 20 minute drive back to Glen Rose, I enjoyed all the Indian Blankets (wildflowers) that lined the ditches and some of the fields.

Both Sundays when we drove back from the Lakeside Baptist Church in Granbury, I would see this sign, but never had my camera ready for a picture. I told Joe to remind me on the way home to get a picture of this sign. If you know me, you know I am a very strong Pro-Life advocate. For the life of me, I can not understand the Pro-Choice stand. If you don't want to be a mother, just give the gift of life to someone who dearly wants a baby. What a beautiful gift to give to someone else and to your unborn baby. I know friends and family who have had abortions, and I do not blame them for their decisions. I blame American voters, who keep voting this to be a moral thing to do. When you are young, you are scared and confused, and turn to abortion without thinking long term. I once was in this predicament, and was not ready to be a mother either, but now that I look back at my life, I realize the gift I was given. Not only did my daughter give me purpose to my life ( which I didn't have at the time), she also gave me strength, joy,and lessons in selflessness. What I couldn't see back then, I see now very clearly, and that is God  "Blessed  me beyond measure" with two beautiful daughters, and four awesome Grandbabies! Beside God, nothing is more important than your family!

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