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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kenneth Copeland Church & Short Ride To Millsap For Milk

                                 Sunday 5/12/2013

The main reason I wanted to go to Fort Worth was because I wanted to attend Kenneth Copeland Ministries Eagle Mountain Church in Newark, Texas. Newark is north of Fort Worth. I was hoping Kenneth would be speaking that day, but knew his son in law, George Pearson was the Pastor, and probably be giving the service.  Kenneth and Gloria travel world wide to different conventions. During the service the George told us the Copeland's were in Canada for an event.

Our drive to Eagle Mountain Church was 45 minutes from Cowtown RV, in Aledo.

I started listening to Kenneth Copeland years ago. You can hear Kenneth and Gloria Copeland on the BVOV TV channel. I went to several of the Green Bay Believers Convention years ago with my friend Barb. One year I took Hayleah, my granddaughter when she was like 7 years old, and she went into the Super Kids Classes while I went to the adult convention. The convention was usually 4 days long  with Speakers: Kenneth & Gloria Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, Jerry Savelle, Creflo Dollar, Bill Winston, Keith Moore. 

View of the inside of the church while waiting for the service to start. 

I believe Kenneth Copeland is one of the greatest prophet of modern times.  God specks to prophets today, like he did with Abraham and Moses. The first of each year Kenneth spent many hours in pray, and Gods gives him his word and prophecy for the year. 2013 is a Year Of Great Grace. I receive that! Pastor Pearson gave a very good sermon that day, and  Joe and I learning a few things to improve our marriage!

On the way home we crossed a bridge over Lake Worth. We got home and had lunch before we got back into the car and drove west on I-20 to the town of Millsap.  This drive took about 25 minutes.

I found Coursey Family Farm on the www.realmilk.com website. When ever I get in a state that allows the sell of raw milk, I try to find someone that is close enough to purchase some. The state of Texas allows the sell of raw milk from the farm. The farmers have to be certified and their goats have to pass all disease test, plus the milk has to pass inspections several time a year. When milk is pasterized, all vitamins, enzymes, mineral are remove. That is why vitamins have to be put back in later. Even though vitamins are added back into the milk, they are never as health as the original.

As we drove into the driveway, we could see some of Annette's herd of Nubian goats.

While Annette got me a gallon of raw milk, yogurt, and soap, I went in to see Milk, as he started to milk 4 of their 50 goats.

This gal, look at me and said, "Yes, what do you want"?

Isn't she the cutest! 
Mike told me that Nubians have great personalities and follow you around like a dog. Annette also told me that she has spend  up to 11 hours a day, in the milk kitchen, milking station room, or barn taking care of her herd. I just want two goats, not 50. I want a dog that gives me milk, that I can make cheese, ice cream and yogurt from. Hopefully someday!

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