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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fort Worth, Texas & The Stockyards Part 1

                                    Saturday 5/11/2013

On our 2nd day in the Fort Worth area we drove from Aledo ( the suburb SW of the city, that we are staying at) to downtown Fort Worth

Our drive to the downtown took about 20 minutes from Aledo, TX.

First views of Fort Worth downtown.

And of course, because of the construction our GPS was acting up. Our exit ramp was under construction so we had to wing it. It was a good thing I had a map of Fort Worth, that we had picked up in Glen Rose at the visitor center.

The First United Methodist Church in the downtown area.

As we drove to the visitor center I took this interesting piece of art.

We found Main St. where the visitor center is, and also what is called the Sundance Square, shopping area.

The visitor center had some very good maps of Sundance Square, Culture District, Stockyard National Historic District, and the metro Fort Worth/ Dallas area.

The building that housed the visitor center had a Art Deco style.

With maps in hand we headed toward the Stockyard National Historic District, which is directly north of the downtown area.

The visitor center showed us on the map where free parking was, but unfortunately some yearly special event was going on, so the free parking lot was charging $5.00 that day.

We parked and walked down Exchange Ave., and saw this Cowtown Cattlepen Maze As Seen on CBS Amazing Race 5. Must have missed that one, because we had never heard of the maze.

The scenic overlook to see the maze was free, so we walked up to see people going through it. The maze cost $6.00 per person for 3 years old or older.

Frontier Fort Days was the special event that day.

Women dressed in period clothing weaving rugs, while 2 boys play checkers.
Dr. Ax was in the office.

He had been busy preforming many amputations.

Two older ladies demonstrate and helping little girls make rag dolls.

Along Exchange Ave., we saw 2 long horn steer waiting for people to climb up in the saddle for a photo shoot for $5.00.

This is a picture of the 1908 Coliseum.

Further up Exchange Ave., we ran into a couple guys who were being taken to the nearest jail.

As the crowd passed by us, this guy yells at us to call his mom because he is not guilty.

Anyone up for some Buffalo Butt Beer!

Across the street we saw the Love Shack, which just didn't seem to fit into the theme of things.

I spotted another cowboy boot shop, and thought maybe they would have some more affordable boots.

Leddy's Handmade Boots

Don't you just love all the colorful boots in these shops.

I picked out this boot. What do you think? kind of cute, don't you think.

OK, I think I am seriously in the wrong boot shop!

A guy came over and helped me find a boot that fit perfectly. If you are going to spend this kind of money, you definitely want someone to make sure you have the right fit. 

Well this price is better, but still not in my budget. I was planning on going back and getting those boots that were "Made for Walking", but I check my powerball numbers, and I didn't win. Maybe next week. If you want to have custom boots made, the price is the same, but plan on waiting 10 months to have them made. The guy who was helping us, told us that the Governor of Alabama was in town for the recent opening of President George W Bush Historic Museum. He told President Bush that he liked his boots. President Bush told him he needed to go to Leddy's to get boots like his. So he did .Guess you need to be a Governor to afford these prices.
To be continued:

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