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Friday, May 3, 2013

Food, Birds & Church

                                    Saturday  4/27/2013

Mallery had some digestive problems, probably do to too many treats. When she has these kinds of problems, I stop her regular food, and dig out the special can food from the Vet. She loves the can food, because her regular diet is dry food. When the can gets close to empty, I start to mix the wet with her dry food with a little water. When the wet food is gone I continue to mix water to her dry food and she still gets excited. She has a very hard time waiting for her food, while the dry food soaks in the water. She just loves her food like mush!

"Mom is my food ready yet?

" Maybe if I get on my tippy toes I can reach it myself"! 

Later that day I decided to put my broccoli in the Nutri Bullet. I have been doing the same with my cooked cauliflower with a little butter and it is like eating mash potatoes.

I guess it is true, as you get older, you revert to baby food! I guess Mallery and I are kind of the same! Getting old !

Joe has been buying a lot of beef briskets at  BBQ places here in Texas. He found a small beef brisket in the store and decided to try to cook one at home by himself. He got a rub recipe off the internet. He was so proud of himself, and it was really good.

On one of our daily walks down along the rivers,  

we saw a group of white birds up on tree tops on the other side of the river.

They were Great Egrets and Little Egrets.

We have seen this group of birds fishing on the river, but every time we would start to walk down toward them, the flock would take off. We wondered where they flew off to. Now we know where they hang out, In the tree tops.
We also saw a male and female Egyptian Goose in our park. I didn't have my phone or camera with us, so I took a good look at all it's features and then came home and looked it up in my book. The brown circles around the eyes was a key feature that helped me identify the bird.

Also on our walk, I saw a dozen of these caterpillars on a trash can along the trail.

Sunday 4/28/2013

On Sunday Joe and I went to the 10:30 Sunday service at the Lakeside Baptist Church in Granbury TX. Granbury is about 20 miles north of Glen Rose.

We met a couple that moved in next to us in the park.  Tic and Dusty will start Fulltiming after the first of the year. They  used to live in Granbury and they invited us to go to church with them. They were going to a 9:00 AM Sunday School class which was too early for us, so we just drove ourselves to the later service. 

The church is a mega church with attendance of 807 people. We really enjoyed the service and plan on going to this Sunday's service.

The church has a great location and sit high on a hill looking down from all directions.

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