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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Third Day in Dallas, Texas

                                   Wednesday 5/15/2013

While in the Dallas area, I decided I needed to get my hair " highlighted" to have a summer blonde look. On our way to my appointment, Joe pointed to the window washers high above us, as we drove by. Joe and I would never be able to that job, no matter how much it paid!

I had not had a highlight since I was in Alabama, 7 months ago. When we lived in CR, I usually got my hair highlighted 3- 4 times a year. Now I am lucky if it gets done 2 times a year. Trying to decide who to go to when traveling, is one of the negatives of Full Time RVing. I read another Full Time Rver's blog, and she said she would go to cosmetology schools for hair cuts and has been happy with the results. She suggested the Paul Mitchell schools. I checked their website and found a school in the northern suburb of  Carollton. At the school, you can chose a phase 1 or phase 2 clinician ( Phase 2 has more experience). For a highlight by a phase 1, you pay $45, or $55 for a phase 2. I chose a phase 2 clinician. After my beauty operator got all my back hair done, she told me someone messed up and scheduled her for 2 highlights at the same time. She said she had to find someone to do my side hair, while she went to work on her other customer. My second girl was very nice, but I don't know if she was in the phase 2 group. After she did most of my side hair, my first beautician came back and finished me up. When I got finished, I was not real happy with the results. The side highlights were more chunky, and in a few spots, the highlights were  at least 1/2 inch from my scalp. I am sure each beautician has their own style, so the highlight was not consistant. Next time I'll just pay a little more, and hopefully get a better hair color job! After my appointment we got lunch at McDonald's, and then I wanted to go to a Whole Foods that was not to far away. I put the address into our GPS and it took us in the wrong direction. Like usual the GPS was trying to get us to the address via the major interstates. If I had had a map of the area, we could have got to the store much quicker. As it turned out, with the 5:00 traffic rush and the out of the way  route to the store, we had already spent about 45 minutes trying to get there, but still miles away, we decide to abort the search and headed home.

Our campsite at Plantation Place RV Resort, in Sunnyvale has a line of transmission towers running along the backside of the park. Our site was in the last row, so we were fairly close to them. I am not too keen on being close to high power towers, but we were only there for a week, so we just put up with them. I have read that some people think they can cause health problems. Joe decided to take a sunset picture of our great view ( unlike the mountain, and beach sunset views we have had in the past).

The next day we just stayed home and after lunch we did some exploring close to our neighborhood. Less than a mile from our park to the east we came to Dormant Lake Ray Hubbard Power Plant, where all of the electrically power was coming from.

Just east of the power plant is Lake Ray Hubbard. Lake Ray Hubbard is a reservoir with a maximum depth of 40 feet and measures 22,745 acres. The lake has a number of kinds of bass, catfish and white crappies.

Before heading home we drove into Sunnyvale, which was a very new suburb, that had a new middle & high school, new neighborhoods, with a few business, but no town center. If there was a town center, we could not find it, I took this last picture, because I wanted to show that if you follow the transmission towers, they take you to Plantation Place RV Resort.

We left the Dallas area yesterday, and are now in Ashdown, Arkansas, which is a small town 20 miles north of Texarkana. We will be here for 3 weeks before we move on. Luckily, God has Blessed us, keeping us out of harms way during the spring severe weather /tornado outbreaks, that have been all around us. We did go to a safe place for ten minutes today because of a tornado warning in Ashdown, and might have to return to it before the day ends as more severe weather is heading our way!

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