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Friday, May 3, 2013

Sights Seen On Our Outing To The Farmers Market In Downtown Glen Rose, Texas

                                  Saturday 4/27/2013

 On one of Joe's lone outings he had stopped at the Visitor Center in Glen Rose. He had found out that a Farmers Market was held Saturday morning in the town square. We got up and got to town by 10:00 and found the spot where it was to be held, but no one was there. Another car pulled up and we asked him what time the Farmers Market started. He said it should start by 10:30.

The farmers Market started years ago in the late 1880's  and continues today, even though the produce has changed over the years.

We walked around the square waiting for the vendors. We found this map of the area and the down town.

Joe points on the map, where Tres Rios RV Resort is located from the downtown of Glen Rose.

Also in the square is a dinosaur track that was found in 1933 in the Paluxy riverbed.

This tells more about the track found.

Texas star fountain in the town square.

A statue of Juana Cavaso , daughter of a wealthy land-owning family of south Texas, and Charles Barnard, who she fell in love with. They lived in the area, and ran a trading post and later the Barnard's Mill in Glen Rose.

Still waiting for the Farmers Market to start, Joe and I went into the only shop that was open, "Odie's Nest"

One thing I have notice about the shops that carry women clothing and accessories,

Texas women must love their bling and studs.

 All the sandals have lots of bling!

I liked this "Home" sign, but I have no place to put or store it so I had to leave it in the store. This is one of the hardest things about traveling and shopping all over the USA. Not being able to buy and store things for our future home
No one ever showed up for the Farmers Market. Odie said that there is always vendors every Saturday morning. All I can say is, I sure was glad I bought most of my vegetables, the day before when we drove 30 miles east to the next biggest town of Cleburne!

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