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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Moravian Falls Campground, Moravian Falls, NC

                     Monday 4/14/2014

We left "Where main street meets the mountains" or Marion, NC. after a week long stay.
We took I-40 east back to Morganton, NC.
From Morganton, we hooked into Hwy. 64/18, going north east.
It was a curvy road at first,
and much more scenic than interstate driving.
It did straighten out after a while, and it saved us a ton of miles, by taking this road. It was really a very good road, so don't hesitate to take it.
Just before we arrived to Wilkesbore, we arrive in Moravian Falls, and turned to our campground onto Moravian Falls Dr. This is a picture of the fishing pond and registration office for Moravian Falls Campground.
The office was not too impressive, so we were hoping things would not get worse.
Joe found Moravian Falls Campground on the internet. It charges $40 a day, but if you stay for 6 days, you get the 7th day free. There were no taxes applied to the charges. The only other campground in the area was a state park with no sewer or climb a mountain to campgrounds, thus why we are paying $35 a night with the free one night stay.
Joe went in to register and I took pictures of fishermen at the pond. It is catch and release.
Across the street from the office is Moravian Falls.
Moravian Falls is 60 ft with 2 levels and 50 feet wide.
Moravian Creek continues from the falls and runs under the road to along side the lower campground, which has only water and electric for hook ups.
There is a foot bridge that crosses from the lower campground side to the office side of the campground.
In the background, you can see a slide that use to be in use, as well as a pool. Both are not maintained anymore.
We chose to stay in the upper campground which is located up the hill and above the falls. The upper campground had full hook ups. We also chose a site that sat along the inner road, because it was available for as long as we wanted to stay.
We didn't have future reservations any where else, at the time, because we were waiting for warmer weather, before mover further north.
The problem with our site was that it sloped a lot. Joe had to jack up the front end as much as he could and we were still slightly sloping downhill.
It is hard to tell by this picture, but our front end of the bus, was up really high.
Joe had to add the metal step, plus we had to use a stepping stool just to get into the bus. This campground was OK for us, but it was a bit rough and un-kepted looking. It had several really, really old and junky trailers that were in the park with no one staying in them. We were not sure if they were something people stayed in once in awhile and just stored there while they were gone, or they had just been abandon. There were two permanent trailers there while we were there and Joe had remarked to one of them, who was behind us, that the owner didn't really keep the place up. Our neighbor agreed with Joe and said a 5th wheel had just come in that day and told the owner he wasn't going to stay, because the place was a junk yard. It is too bad, because the park could be a really nice park. The park was pretty much empty the week we stayed there, but the following week, it was going to be completely full. A festival was going to be going on,  which brings 80,000 people to the area, from Thursday through Sunday. The MerleFest is known for it's unique mix of traditional, roots-oriented music from the Appalachian region, including bluegrass and old-time music, Americana, blues, country, Celtic, Cajun, cowboy, zydeco, rock and many other styles that Doc Watson referred to as “traditional plus." There are 13 stages, with over 130 artist over the four day festival. When Joe and I picked our site, we didn't know if we were going to stay for the festival, so we took the sloping site in case we wanted to stay longer than 10 days. Another site was available, but for only 10 days.

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  1. Nice summary of your experience... get a tent! :)