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Monday, April 7, 2014

Southern Pines, North Carolina

                     Thursday 4/3/2013

While still staying at Pinehurst, NC area, we took a drive to the town of Southern Pines.
Southern Pines has a population of a little more than 12,000 people.
We found a parking spot and took a walk around the downtown. A little bar in a lower back door spot of a building.
A Martini Festival was being held on the 4th. We were here on that date, and I would have enjoyed coming to try there Martini's but we had other plans.
Very cute downtown with lots of shops, cafe's, and pub's.
A railroad runs down the middle of the downtown of Southern Pines. You can come to town on Amtrak if you like!
The Jefferson Inn is located close by the railroad station, making coming to town on the train even easier.
{This Southern Pines hotel has recently been the subject of a year-long multi-million dollar restoration, transforming it into the area’s only boutique hotel. The goal of the renovation was to create an environment in which our guests could experience the history and lifestyle of the pristine town of Southern Pines, while basking in comfort and service rivaling the nation’s top boutique hotels}. Per quote on Jefferson Inn Website.
In one of the shops, the owner told us we should take a drive through horse country. She gave us directions to find it. On the way we went past this old Victorian home.

Horse Country is located south and southeast of Southern Pines.

Once you enter into the area, the horse ranches run one after another for miles and miles.

I have never seen so many horse ranches that were congregated together like this area. It really was amazing!

This area is part of the Sandhills of NC, and we were told by the shop proprietor that is why it makes great horse land. After it rains, the ranchers can go out to ride, right after a rain, as the water drains in the sand immediately.

There were many of these sign, in this area.

Horse ranches,

with riders,

and riders.

After enjoying our drive through horse country, we found our way to Hwy. 1, and headed back to our current home town of Carthage, northwest of Southern Pines.

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