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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pinehurst, North Carolina & The Carolina Hotel

                  Wednesday 4/2/2014

Thankfully for a nice RV neighbor, we got the "must sees while in the area" that we couldn't get, because we didn't find the Visitor Center for Pinehurst! I was asked by a permanent RVer at the Airport RV Park, if we had seen the Carolina Hotel yet. On our 2nd run into Pinehurst, we knew where we were going this time, with the help of our him. The picture above is just one of the many neat large older homes in the Pinehurst Resort area.
The Village Chapel is a interdenominational church in the village.
I know the tulips are a blur, but that is what you get when you are taking pictures on the go. Part of the village resort's main road is lined with tulips. Yea Spring is here!
This was the view I had seen the previous day, after our visit to Pinehurst Village, as we zoomed down the main road heading for a grocery store. I told Joe we needed to go back to see what it was, but we forgotten after we left the store. When our neighbor described the Carolina Hotel with the copper cupola on top, I knew exactly where it was.
We parked the car and got this view of the Carolina Hotel. The hotel has 230 Four-Diamond guest rooms and suites.
A close up shows you the Pinehurst carved shrubbery.
Views of the valet drive to the hotel.
Hallway of the Carolina Hotel.
Anyone up for a Pinehurst puzzle.
Lobby- (we came in a side door).
We viewed the pool area,
while enjoying the wrap around verandas of the hotel.
Who needs to pay the $300 a night per person, when you can enjoyed the porch and then go home and get into your own cozy bed on wheels!
Nice walkways and manicured landscapes around the hotel.
And of course a Rolex clock on the grounds.
We took the walkway on the other side of the hotel
to see the spa.
The rest of the Carolina Hotel that can not be seen in the first picture. I believe this is called the West Wing of the hotel.
At the end of the West Wing is The Spa at Pinehurst. You can buy a package that includes spa use each day you are staying in one of the resort accommodations.
We continued our walk and followed signs to another one of the accommodations in the Pinehurst Resorts, the Magnolia Inn, established in 1896.
The Magnolia Inn has 10 guest rooms all with private bathrooms.
On the side of the Inn is a patio. It also has a pub and dining room.
The Magnolia Inn is in the heart of the Pinehurst Village.
We found this sign of a neighborhood that is located next to the village. The gentleman that had helped us find the village the day before told us he lived in Old Town.
We took another route back to the Carolina Hotel through Old Town to view more old homes,
 back to the entrance of the hotel.
If you stay at any of the Pinehurst Resort accommodations, golf and a fabulous breakfast buffet is included, according to our neighbor.

The Carolina was established in 1895. The hotel is dubbed the "Queen of the South"!
As we left the village area, we saw this sign that would have directed us to all the must sees in the Pinehurst Resort area. Unfortunately, we missed this small sign the day before, so we need help from a very nice Pinehurst resident and neighbor back at the Airport RV Park. Advise for anyone coming to see Pinehurst: Find the Carolina Hotel first, and all signs will direct you on foot to all other highlights.
As we leave the Pinehurst neighborhood I took more pictures of some of the homes.
Is that a giant basketball hoop and basketball in the front yard?

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