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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pottery Highway On Hwy. 705 In North Carolina

                   Friday 4/4/2014

This is an army unmarked plane that flew into our airfield for lunch at the Pik N Pig.

On our way to Carthage, NC on Hwy 24/27 we saw signs for the Pottery Highway. We decided to take a day and drive the highway to visit some of the local pottery shops. We drove west on Hwy 24/27 to Hwy. 705 and headed north.
The first pottery shop sign we saw, directed us a couple miles off Hwy. 705 to Chris Luther Pottery.

The shop was open, but no one was in the shop. There was not a very large inventor of pottery, so we didn't stay long. What there was, was very nice though.

The next shop we stopped at was the Westmoore Pottery. The pottery made here looks and feels like pottery of the 17th, 18th, and early 19th centuries. 

Many of their works have been used in historically based films. Their pottery is also used by museums to furnish historic buildings.

Farther north on Hwy. 705 we stopped at the Ben Owen Pottery.
This shop was my favorite of the ones we saw.
This shop had a large display room with all their wares.

We watched Ben work his magic for a while. He is the 6th generation of potters in his family.

Behind the work shop is where he fires the pottery. All the clay is produced from local clay that they harvest from their own land.

I really liked the plum and sky blue pottery.

This piece was 1/2 plum and 1/2 blue.

There were many other colored pottery also.
We headed back toward Hwy. 24/27 on Hwy. 705, and stopped at the "From The Ground UP" Pottery Shop.

You have to drive past their house first.

On a dirt road behind their house you come to their shop and workshop. Every pottery shop had a different style and look to their pottery.

The last shop was just south of  Hwy. 24/27 on Hwy. 705, the Teague's Frogtown Pottery Shop.

Unfortunately the shop was closed for the day. There are many more pottery shops in the area as well as a Pottery Museum, but you need much more time to explore them  all.

We got back to Hwy. 24/27 and headed back east toward Carthage. On the way back we spotted the Maness Pottery Music Barn. I heard about this place, but by the time I looked up another RV bloggers blog about it, I found I looked up the info too late.

This place is open every Tuesday night with local musicians that come to play Blue Grass music free of charge. Pot luck food is also brought and if you didn't bring food, there is a bucket for you to put a donations for dinner. According to another blogger, it is a fun place.

When we got back home, we heard music coming from the Pik N Pig. Joe went over to see what was going on. The parking lot was the fullest since we had been at the Airport RV Park. Joe counted 83 cars.

A group was set up out on the grass playing for the dinner crowd.

The outside patio was full with customers.

Some people pulled up lawn chairs for the music. The band played into the night, as we could hear it from our Nest.

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