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Friday, April 4, 2014

Pinehurst, North Carolina, and Dinner at the Pik N Pig

                      Tuesday   4/1/2014

We drove the 12 miles south of Carthage, NC to check out Pinehurst, NC. Unfortunately, we found the town very confusing and couldn't find the town center. We set the GPS for Pinehurst town center, and it took us to what definitely was not the town center. After driving around trying to find our way, on our own, we found a Lowe's Grocery store, and I went in for directions. The cashier couldn't help me, but a man in line gave me directions and told me he was going that way and we could follow him.

Pinehurst has many large neat old homes to see, as we followed the man in the car ahead of us.
Thankfully for the nice man, we found our way to the town center.

No wonder we could not find the town center. It is just a small village in the middle of the neighborhoods.

We walked around the small and very upscale village of Pinehurst.

The Holly Inn is just a 1/2 block up from the village.

The Holly Inn has 82 guest rooms. In 1895, the rooms went for $3 a night.

We found our way back to the round about that takes you to Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Whispering Pines or Aberdeen. We wanted to find a Wal-Mart, and our GPS directed us to Southern Pines to get there.

Because we had our GPS set for major roads, it took us on I-1 all the way around to Southern Pines to Aberdeen to Wal-Mart. When we got back to our car, after Wal-Mart shopping, we changed the GPS to all roads.  With the GPS change, we got the short cut to home, from Aberdeen straight back to the Airport RV Park, avoiding Southern Pines.

Needless to say it was a stressful day. We thought it was going to be an easy day in the small towns, but the signs were minimal in Pinehurst, the traffic was backed up, and the GPS didn't help us.  I am enjoying the spring trees though, since I have basically missed spring the last 4 years. Every spring, we have been traveling up coastlines, and coastlines don't seem to have the spring time trees.

That night, we ate at the Pik N Pig. It was so nice to walk out our Nest door up to the restaurant in minutes.

We ate outside because it was a beautiful evening.

Joe ordered the beef brisket, sweet potato, potato salad, and hush puppies.

I ordered the beef brisket, sweet potato, buttered beans, and a corn muffin. The meals were $9 a piece and very good. You wouldn't want to eat here all the time though, as you can see, the side order choices are all starch! But GOOD!

When we walked home the parking to the restaurant was full. For that matter, the parking is full for every lunch and diner.

We didn't have any airplanes fly in while we ate unfortunately. We have seen helicopters fly in daily for lunch and diner,

as well as several small planes.

Here is a plane, Joe watched as it left after lunch.

I saw a purple helicopter today at lunch time.

We have had wonderful weather this week. Hope all of you are enjoying warmer weather also.

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