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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Drive To Fort Chiswell RV Park In Max Meadows, Virginia

                                  Monday 5/5/2014

The night before we left Mayberry Campground we walked Mallery around the park and she had to indulge one last time in the lush green grass. When she got done her hair was a mess,
and she had all kinds of seed pod strings all over her hair, besides some grass. Oh well I never let my kids play in the mud, but my dog, I let her be a dog!
The next day, we headed north on I-77.
The Blue Ridge was to the west of I-77,
as well as to the north.
About 5 miles on I-77, we cross into Virginia. There is a Virginia Welcome Center at the border also.
The climb up the mountain was 8 miles up on three lanes.
Views of Mount Pilot as we almost reach the top.
We climbed about 1,600 feet to 2,840 feet.
Our total snail pace drive was about 42 miles that day. This is the way we like to move from place to place!
Joe walking to the Fort Chiswell RV Park office to register.

We got site #47 that has no trees hoping we will get a good connection from the campground free WIFi. We go through our monthly data on our internet card so fast, that we like to use the campground's WIFi if available. Unfortunately, we could not get a connection at all while in the park. Our site also had a cement pad, but no cement pad patio.
We were told that the buildings off in the distance was a Tanger Outlet own by the Amish.
The city wanted the owners to pay for off ramps to the outlet, but the Amish though it was not necessary. Unfortunately they were wrong and the outlet didn't survive and now sits empty.
Fort Chiswell RV Park is surrounded by farmland
and cattle, making the campground very peaceful!
The shower rooms and maintained and cleaned impeccably.
The park has 2 cabins that can be rented.
We were the first people to arrive this day, and the park was almost empty. By 5PM the parks center camp area was almost completely full.
We were parked off to the side. Our row filled out by the end of the night.
The next morning the center section of the park was completely empty again. With this park just a mile off I-77, it makes a great stopping place for most travelers.

Another picture of the empty center section of the park after almost completely full the night before. We stayed an extra night, before we moved north. The snowbirds are on the move north fast and furiously. 
We had planned to wait out the rain in Marietta, Ohio, but at the last minutes, we changed our plans. After looking at the weather forcast, it had changed with Marietta forecast with 4 to 5 days of rain. After one night there, we took off thinking we will drive until the rain hits. God was good to us and we avoiding rain for the last 2 days of driving. We are now in Hartland, MI.

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