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Sunday, May 4, 2014

North Carolina Granite Corp. And Historic Homes In Mount Airy

                                          Sunday 4/27/2014

Joe read in the tourist info for Mount Airy that the North Carolina Granite Quarry could be see by astronauts as they circle the world in outer space. Of course Joe thought we must see it.
The quarry is right in town of Mount Airy.
Of course the quarry business building is made of granite from the quarry.
The quarry has been designated as the "Worlds Largest Open Face Granite Quarry"
There is a viewing point outside the quarry for visitors to see the quarry.
I took this picture through the fence, so you can see the quarry better.
The quarry is North Carolina's state rock.
 The quarry has been harvesting granite since 1743, and will be for the next 1000 years.
After the quarry visit, we drove to the historic area of Mount Airy.
This house looks to me that it has a Spanish Colonial Revival architecture style.
I think this is a Queen Anne or Victorian house.

This is the James A. Hadley House, built in 1900 and probably is another Queen Anne or Victorian home.

English Tudor (I think, if I am wrong on any of these styles please correct me in the comment and I will update the blog).
Colonial Revival

An interesting sign in front of the previous pictured house. Joe took this picture and he couldn't tell what it's significances was. Maybe the owner fixes musical instrument.
Anyone know this kind of architect.
This home was in another part of Mount Airy then the other homes. This might be another Colonial Revival. Mount Airy has many interesting old homes as you can see.


  1. Very nice pictures. Do they offer a tour or have any kind of museum there at the quarry? I have read your blog for quite a while and want to say thank you for telling me about so much of the country.

    1. Hi Rick, Thank you. I am glad to help others see what is out there and what campgrounds are near by. I follow a few other RVers, and they have helped me a lot to not miss things I would other wise have. We don't think the quarry gives tours. We didn't see anything on the internet that said other wise. If you find out other wise, please let me know and I will update this blog. Thanks again