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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Move To Campers Cove RV Park & Canoe Livery In Alpena, MI.

                                        Monday 5/19/2014

After two days at Thunder Bay RV Park And Campground (no sewer campground) we move just north and west of Alpena to Campers Cove. On the way there we saw another tree full of tennis shoes. There are a few pairs at the very top of the tree! We have heard that when you see tennis shoes hanging from utility wires it is a signal you are entering a gang territory. Does shoe's on a tree mean the same thing?

Campers Cove RV Park And Canoe Livery is a Passport America Campground.
Mark and Judy greets us on the way in! Very nice touch. You can stay at this campground from Sunday to Thursday for 1/2 price if you have a Passport America membership. We thought it was Monday through Thursday, or we would have come a day early. With the membership we are paying $19 a day for full hook ups. This campground has canoes, kayaks, pontoon boats, and bikes to rent. The park also has a inside pool for use which we have not seen yet.

Our new address is 47 Walleye Avenue, Campers Cove, Alpena, MI., but don't bother sending us any mail, because we leave on Friday morning and I doubt the mail would get here before we left. The sun came out for the move, which made it nice for Joe while hooking up. In the sun, we actually got hot and striped off our jackets!

We got one of the 8 full hook up sites available in the park.
The RV sites one row in front of us are waterfront, which allows them to build docks and park their boats in front of their RVs. This canal goes out to Lake Winyah.

On the other side of the road, there is another canal to the lake, but not big enough for boats travel, unless you are talking a kayak or canoes.

Here is a better view of the waterfront sites one row in front of us. You can see the canal is larger in this picture.
Down the road from us and the waterfront row in front of us, you can walk to a peninsula where the rustic sites (no hook ups) are. There is a playground at the end of the peninsula.
View of Thunder Bay River and Lake Winyah . 
Small beach at the end of the peninsula with a slide into the water.
Water is clear but brown, like most river lakes.

Our site in the campground was a pull through, but a bit treacherous getting into it, because we had to take a road that went between two deep ditches.

Joe told me after I got him into our site that the owner asked him if he knew how to get into our site without going into the ditch. She said someone who had a new 40 foot motor home put a back tire into the ditch and the whole thing rolled on it's side. Yiks!
Later that evening I went down to the lake to get some pictures.

There are two sets of parents of baby Canadian geese. These parents had 7 to 9 babies. I couldn't get close enough to count them. This is a picture I cropped so it is a bit blurry.

I was a bit hesitant to come to this park because we were forecast for rain for 3 days. I told Joe we could come and pay one day at a time, so that if the water rose to high we could get out of Dodge. The campground is surrounded by water on 3 sides, and it is formed by a river.

Thankfully we only had light rain this morning and radar looks clear for now.

Pictures of the peninsula as evening approached yesterday.

The weather turned cold again today. If we were not going to look for property up here this year, we would never had come so far north so soon. It is 50 degrees and cloudy. It feels like 40 to me though.

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