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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mount Airy Or Otherwise Known As Mayberry

                                                   Sunday 4/27/2014

After visiting the North Carolina Granite Quarry, and the Historic Home district (which was my last post) We headed to the historic downtown of Mount Airy.
The down town map is next to the parking lot, as well as the wall of attractions of Mount Airy.
Snappy Lunch has been at the same place in down town Mount Airy since 1923.
Mount Airy was settle as a stagecoach stop in 1750, between Winston-Salem, NC and Galax, Virginia. Mount Airy was  incorporated in 1885.
The more then 50 wineries in the Yadkin River Valley. 

Mount Airy is the town that  Andy Griffith was born and raised. Mount Airy is believed to be the town that Mayberry is based from in the Andy Griffith Show.
We walked up and down the historic downtown of Mount Airy/ Mayberry.
You can find Mayberry and it's characters all over the town.
A good place for a picture.
Barney Fife and Joe
Barney's cafe
Floyd's Barber Shop
Joe liked the price for the men's hair cuts, so he wanted to get his hair cut. Unfortunately it was Sunday, so we decided we would come back another day. There was also a sign on the door saying the shop was closed due to illness. We asked another shop owner about the illness sign, and we were told the 90 year old barber who had been working there all his life had a stroke and wouldn't be doing anymore hair cuts. We were disappointed that Joe would not be getting his hair cut at Floyd's!
B's Treasures
One of the many pictures of Mayberry characters in another store front.
The famous Mount Airy town clock.
The Snappy Lunch which we came back to another day for lunch.
Opie's Candy Store
We stopped in at Miss Angel's Heavenly Pies.
We miss our mom's homemade pies, so we decided to give it a try. This is our second one. Our first Apple Crumb pie was so good, we came back for the Cherry Moonshine pie. As you can see the pies are single serving size. This is the first pie that we have found on our travels that we would recommend!
They also make brownies and cookies. This is the Moonshine Brownie. It was really good with ice cream, other wise a bit too rich for me.

About a block from downtown is Wally's Service.
You can get ride's in one of the three Ford Galaxies that are painted like Andy Griffith old police car. We saw one of them driving tourist downtown one day, but never got a picture. The last weekend in September, the town has Mayberry Day's which brings 30,000 to 50,000 people to town.

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